Thursday, February 17, 2005

My Mother's brain surgery phase 3

My mom is having the last of her surgeries tomorrow at Stafford hospital. This time she will be out cold,(thank God). The doctor will attach the brain probes or deep brain stemulators that are attached to wires, then he will pull the wires down under her skin to pace maker like things that will be placed on either side of her chest. It should help control her tortalcois, and prevent her head and neck from spasaming and neck twisting. It will be such a relief to her to have this over with, and such a blessing if it actually works for her.

Please wont you pray for my Mother?

Dear God in heaven,

I'm praying that this for my Mother(Jeannetta)'s surgery will work, and that it will be a blessing for her. I also ask you to bless and guide the hands and mind of the doctor, and all those that are caring for my Mother(Jeannetta) so that she will recover, and the surgery will be a success.

In Jesus name,

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