Friday, February 04, 2005

More on my Mom's brain surgery: so okay, I'm a little P.O.ed right now!

I got a call on Thursday, from somebody at Stafford Hospital where my Mom is suppose to have her brain surgery today. But the problem was--somehow, or maybe someone--screwed up my Mom's MRI, that they were gonna use to map out my mom's brain with!
This woman wanted to know where my parents were? I told her they where in their motor home, in the Rite Aide parking lot. And I gave her a description of the motor home. Okay, says she "which Rite Aide?" Which one? How the heck am I suppose to know? I've never been there! All I know is what they told me. So I told her the one closest to the hospital, she still said "which one?" Was she was wanting guarantees? Then she said, "there was four Rite Aides in town." So I told her, "I don't know which one." Then she wants to know, "If they are gonna call me, so she can give them a message to come back." And I said, "I didn't think so, and that's probably because they didn't want to make a bill." I got dead silence to that comment, as if she can't understand anyone not wanting to make a bill. Well, that why they are in there motor home, and not a hotel room, duh! Then she asked, "Is there is anyone else they might be in connact with?" So I said, "Well maybe my sister, who lives in Santa Cruz. She's closer than I am anyway." So I gave her my sister's number.
A few hours later she calls back, she says, "it's imperative that they find my mom and have her re-take the MRI." This time she sounds like she's mad at me. And I'm thinking well you, or who-ever shouldn't have screwed up my Mom's MRI! And I bet your probably getting it from the doctor too, huh? Then she says my sister's number was a fax number. "What?! A fax number?" What the heck is she talking about? No way is my sis's number is a fax number. Boy this woman is so inept, that she can't even dial right. So I give it again, she says, "It's the same one I gave her from before." Then she says again, "the MRI is imperative." "What?" Does she think I'm playing games with her, or something? Then, I give her my sister's boy friend's cell phone number, told her that's all I could do!
This woman was really working my last nerve! Here I am sick with worry about my Mom's brain surgery, and she acts like I don't even care?!What did she expect me to do anyway? All I can do, is give her phone numbers! Doesn't she realize, that I live over a hundred miles away from the hospital? What am I suppose to do? Abandon my daughter at school, and my husband at work, and take our only car, and drive the hundred miles or so--to search out every "Rite aide" near Stafford Hospital, to find my Mother for her?

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