Thursday, February 24, 2005

My Mom's surgeries are over!

My Mom's been home for a few days, and she is still sore from the surgery. The pace maker thingies implanted on either side of her chest are rather large, and are the most painful thing for her right now. I'm hoping by the end of the week that she'll be feeling a lot better.

The best news by far is that her brain surgeries for torticolis are now over! Yay! I just hope it was worth it, and it works.

I want my Mom to walk straight and tall once again. This ugly disease had my Mom's neck and spine so twisted, that she was shorter than me!

Hmm, maybe I should explain that one! I'm the runt of the family at 5 Ft. 3 1/2in. My Mom's 5' 7", and my younger sis is 5'7 1/2", my Dad was 5'10", and my brother is six Ft. Even, and my nephew is even taller at 6' 1". My husband is 5'11" and my own daughter is quickly catching up with me, at age thirteen she messures 5' 2 1/2".

I'm not complaining, it just the way it is! I'm the runt! Oh, well!

And here, I just want my Mom to be normal, and walk with her normal height again, that's all!


Tammy Dilbeck (Vance) said...

I don't know if you'll remember me, but I went to school with Deanna. I found this site and read about your mom. She was so nice. I hope she is doing fine and hope she gets better real soon. Please tell her I said hello. What is Deanna up to these days? Tell her I said hello also. Hope all is well with your family. Please let me know how your mom is doing. bye for now. Tammy

Janice said...

Hi Tammy!

How are you?

I of course remember you! I'll let Deanna know you asked about her.

Umm, Deanna had leukimia and has had a bone marrow just over a year ago last year on 11/11/03.

But the good news is, she is recovering; and is going to college, and has a small house in the red woods over by Soquel, on the coast. And she just adopted a golden retriver named Fred.

Oh, Deanna has her own blog!It tells of her battle with leukimia.

I need to check on her HTML address and I'll post it okay?

My Mom's doing okay, but her head is really sore, and it's hard to get comfortable. I'll tell her you inquired about her.

Lady Jan