Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My Mother is having brain surgery tomorrow 1-4-05

I know I haven't mentioned this before, but I would like everyone who reads this to please pray for my mother Jeannetta. Tomorrow she will be under going the first of several brain surgeries. My mother has Torticolis, a rare brain disease, that cause her head to spasm and pull to the left as far as it can, then lay over on that side too. It is very painful, and the only treatment hasn't been working as well anymore. So the surgery is the only option, for someone is as bad off as my mom is. As she has a extreme case.
This is my prayer:
Father in heaven,
please guide and bless the hands and mind of the doctor who will be operating on my Mother(Jeannetta)'s brain tomorrow. Please also guide the hands and minds of all who will be involved in the surgery, and care that my Mom(Jeannetta) will receive. Please bless the surgery, and bless the care of my Mom(Jeannetta). And please let the surgery be successful, and please let my mother(Jeannetta) walk straight and tall once again. Please let the surgery be a blessing to my mom(Jeannetta).
In Jesus Christ I pray,
To all who read this, and to all who pray for my Mother--I thank you!

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