Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Lady Jan has two new caps and this is why!

Lady Jan is grinding her teeth to pieces Posted by Hello
Over the past summer '04, I had to have two new crowns, and the bill calls it noble metal crowns. I guess that sounds better.
When ever I'm stressed, or nervous or up-set, I grind my teeth. The first of my molars to go over the summer had a crack going right down the middle of the tooth, and the second one was going the same way! I've even have stress fractures on my front teeth, isn't that nice? Great! But, everyone handles stress in different ways:
My sister has stomach problems, and I think has ulcers.
Her son wrinkles-up his forehead when he's worried.
My Dad would yell.
My Mom would worry, and think everything was her fault.
My husband would chew his nails, and a habit I'm glad to report he has finally stopped.
My friend Nellie would have panic attacks, and sometimes would be rushed to the hospital.
And I grit and grind my teeth!
And here I had to go to the dentist, to have more teeth ground down for gold caps, because that's how I handle stress! Gritting and grinding. I have four in all now, and I think my teeth are better dress than I am!

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