Friday, February 11, 2005

My Mom's Brain surgery phase II

My Mother was suppose to have her second brain surgery today, and my step-father was suppose to call and let me know how it went. I have received no phone calls from him or the hospital. I guess it the news was bad I would have heard something by now......Wouldn't I?
I'll up date this post when I find out more later......Um......Maybe, tomorrow I'll know more. Keep your finger crossed, and say a quick prayer for my Mom, okay.
Well, my step-dad called as soon as they returned home today. And my Mom had a really rough time of it too. One of the plastic screws that help align the drill broke off, and the doctor had to dig the thread part of the screw out of her scull. It was painful, and made the whole surgery longer and harder. My mom at one point asked if she could pray, and the doctor said okay. Apparently my poor mom alternated between praying, and crying during the procedure. It must have been a h-o-r-r-I-b-l-e experience for my poor mother.
But my Mother is home now and resting. She didn't even want to get out of their mobile home, and just stayed in bed. Can't say that I blame her, poor thing.
The only good news is the brain surgery part is now over! The next part in-tales pulling the wires under the skin, and hooking every thing up to a pace maker like thing that will be one on either side of her chest. After that there will be a few weeks of fine tuning, and hopefully this will all be wrapped-up in six weeks total.

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