Saturday, February 12, 2005

Lady Jan's garden

My first bloom of the year, a daffodil Posted by Hello
This is from one of my larger gardens, not deep but rather long, about 25 feet long. I grow some bulbs such as the daffodil here, and mums, and some assorted other flowers including wild flowers, but it depends on my mood, or what survived the winter, or has reseeded itself.
My Daffodils have done the best of all my other bulbs, that I've planted over the 14 years that I've lived in this house. The tulips are my favorite, but only lasted one season, and I never did see them again. Ditto for my irises, too. My crocus croaked, after a couple of years, and so did my grape hyacinths. And my tiger lilies I got from my Mom are all leaves, and are 'A No-Show' for the blooms. My sister-in-law gave me the most beautiful showy dahlias, in every color, and I just loved them......Until(deep sigh) the gophers found them one winter, and then they were gone! Or in this case lunch!
But my humble daffodil has remain my true early harbinger of spring, and are poisous, or at least yucky tasting to gophers......hmmm....'Mental note,' buy more daffodil bulbs next fall.

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