Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Lady Jan's Bad Day

I didn't get a lot of sleep because I think there is a mouse in my room, in fact I know there is!

The sucker kept rustling around the room on every bit of paper, or sack it could find jump on, or in. And then took a turn trying to get in bed with me, as it repeatedly jumped on the sheets hanging off my legs near the edge of the bed! I kept shaking it off, and finally tucked the sheets in around my knees, so that ended that.

I then got woke at 5:30 after a nearly sleepless night by my daughter who had a bad ear ache. That meant I had to drive my husband to work by 6:45 so I could have the car, so I can then take my daughter to the doctor.

When I arrived back home hoping to get a little shut eye before the doctor visit, so I wouldn't look so haggard--like the walking dead. But the roar of a crop duster let me know that wasn't going to happen any time soon. After the the repeated roaring finally faded away, I heard a new sound that was of hammering coming from the barn behind my house. It was my Land Lord fixing something or other. Later on he was talking very loudly in a big booming voice, as he hauled away the bits of the dead orange tree that he had cut up the day before--Ugh more noise.

At 9:45 I got a call from my husband-- First he yelled at me for being asleep and not at the doctors, and I yelled back that our daughter who hadn't gotten much sleep the night before either had been asleep too. Then his voice changed and he said "I know I woke her up with my phone call." Then he admitted that the reason he called was that he had the check book. So after a that bitter exchange that actually masked worry over our daughter's ear, we arranged a time so that I could pick the check book up from him.

Then later at the doctor's I found out that the ear ache was a very bad case of swimmers ear, and the doctor teased my daughter saying:

"Hi Sarah, how are you today."

"Okay, but my ear hurts."

"Which ear hurts?"

"This ear."

"Is this your right ear?


"Are you sure this is your right ear?"

"Which is your right hand?"

"This one."

"Which is your left hand?"

"This one."

"Then this is your left ear not your right ear!"

"Huh?" The doctor laughed and hugged my daughter.

At 12:00 I picked up some taco bell, and took it to where my husband works at the winery. My daughter and I ate our lunch as we waited in the parking lot for my husband. He finally showed, and I exchanged a kiss, and some tacos, and a grilled steak burrito for my check book.

Then I had to go fill two prescriptions one for ear drops and one for antibiotic at a new pharmacy, as our insurance company just decided to change the RX part of our policy starting that very day. And according to this new part of our policy we couldn't go to the old pharmacy any more. Ugh, more complications!

Much later that day after picking my husband up from work my small family and I ended up at Home Depot, where I got to walk through the nursery. And there is just something soothing about plants. I love looking at the different colors of the flowers, and all the variety of the shape and texture of the leaves. My shoulder dropped and my head ache went away, and I relaxed.

My daughter excitedly called to me to "come see," she had found some large pretty flowers in pots. I thought they were lovely, and the flowers where as large as my hand. Then my husband bought them for me, and I ended the day happily planting them in my big round planters at home.

My bad day then ended in a feeling of contentment.


Andrew said...

I love a happy ending! :o)

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Merle said...

Wow Janice What an awful day. I hope your daughter's earache is better, and that you caught the darned mouse. Glad you had a pleasant ending to the day, your flower sounds lovely. Thanks for
your comments, glad you enjoyed.
Take extra care Janice, Hugs, Merle.

Granny said...

All's well that ends well.

Janice said...

Hi Andrew,

It's always good to see a new face.

Yes, I like happy ending too, especially if they happen to me!

Hi Merle,

Thank you. My daughter's ear is a bit better, but I still haven't caught that damn mouse as yet! I need new sticky traps. The flowers are real nice, and I'll have to post a couple of pictures of them later.

Hugs to you to.

Hi Ann,

Yes, thank you it did indeed end well.

Your Lady Jan~

Jeanette said...

HI Janice
Oh what a day it seemed to get worse as the day went on .I hope you have set some mouse traps.
and hope your daughters earache is ok.Take care.

madcapmum said...

Here's my best earache tip, that I got from my South African doctor.

At the first signs of tightness, take Motrin and Dimetapp (or things with the same main ingredients), and continue to take those at regular intervals until the pain goes away entirely. One's an anti-inflammatory, and the other drains fluid that's already there.

My kids used to be constantly on anti-biotics for ear infections, but not since we found out about that combo.

Janice said...

Hi Jeanette,

It was a bad day, but at least it ended well. I have had mouse traps in every room, but I either need to reset the traps or I need fresh ones. And my daughter's ear is already on the mend, and thanks for asking.

Hi Madcap,

That's a great remendy! I'll have to try it the next time.

My daughter doctor gave me a home remedy too; he said that since it was swimmer's ear that I should mix one part alcahol with one part vinager, and put a few drops in every time she goes swimming.

Your Lady Jan~