Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lady Jan introduces our New Kitty!

My daughter was sick with the head cold that is going around, and missed two days of school earlier this week.
I picked up YGF from school and took her home with me for a while to visit with my daughter, then when I took YGF home we saw--Kitties.
I said to YGF "Did you see that kitty?"
And she said "Yes, I did and I'm gonna catch it!"
She chased it around her dad's truck then behind his other truck too. And didn't catch that one, but caught the one in the photo above and gave it to me. Then she turned around and the first kitten that was mostly white came running to her and she picked that one up too.
We took the one she gave me home and YGF gave it to my daughter
and said, "Happy Birthday!" It cheared my daughter up a great deal even if you can't tell by the picture.
So far YGF has found three kitten total and has two of them in the house with her, and she is looking for more. She believes they are from her former cat Orion that just showed up a month and half ago pregnate, but then disappeared again.
YGF's dad who was home earlier that day we found the kittens, told YGF, "(he) thought he saw Orion with something in her mouth earlier."
(He didn't know she was transporting kittens.)

My daughter decided to call her new kitten Checkers.

YGF is helping with the kitten posing.

I think the kittens are either five to six weeks old.

This is why I thought we needed a new cat.
I don't think our fifteen year old cat Pookey cares anymore.
But at least our Nine year old cat Sparkles still does, and she caught this one.

And she usually dines alfresco on my welcome mat.Posted by Picasa


Merle said...

Hi Janice ~~ Your daughter doesn't look a bit well, but I trust she is better by now. Well done on organizing your e-mail
The kittens are cute and are lucky to find someone to care for them. Thanks for your comments. Take care,Hugs Merle.

Granny said...

Pretty kitty. Looks somewhat like one of ours.

Hi to YGF.

Janice said...

Hi Merle,

Yes, my poor baby was quite sick, but she is just well enough to go back to school. I wish I could have kept her out all week, but with the rules for high school she can only miss three days.

I think they are lucky too. Not to be well cared for, but not to be a wild unwanted and uncared for feral cat. We have just too many of those sort running lose, because someone dosen't want them anymore.

Hi Ann,

Thank you, and I kinda thought so too.

Take care you too,
Lady Jan~

Janice said...


I'll relay the message to YGF.

Sarah Elaine said...

Glad to hear your daughter is on the mend.

Regards to YGF.

We have mice in our condo complex too, but thanks to my two little feline treasures, there are no mice in my house! Hope the kitty does the trick for you. She sure is cute.

Janice said...

Hi Sarah,

She's better but still has a stuffy nose. I let YGF know you said hi.

That's good your cats are still on the job. I have at least one retiree and one semi-retired kitty.

I think our kitty was after something in my room last night. I heard her in there with me, then when I went to the bathroom she came stalking though on her way to my daughter's room like she was on important buiness. I said some what surprised "hello, kitty," and I swear she meowed a quick hello back and continued on her way.

Lady Jan~

Gwen said...

Hi Janice.
Thanks for your comment on my bowling blog,I can relate to your style of bowling.
The reason for this being I played tenpin at competitive level using a 14lb ball.
Your poor daughter does'nt look to well but i bet the kitten helped.
Keep well hear from you again some time

Janice said...

Hi Gwen,

It's always good to see someone new, here on my Lady Jan's home blog.

I remember seeing my dad win a trophy when he was on a bowl league, it was when I was little--it was very exciting.

My daughter is well now, and the kitty did indeed perk her up.

Thank you everyone for your consern, and you comments.

Your Lady Jan~