Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lady Jan is Worn out!

I had a tiring week, and it is only half over!

I've been getting up earlier to take my daughter to school, then on Monday and Tuesday, and after I had picked her up--I had to go to the store to get her more supplies for school.

Ugh, too much driving!

My daughter's first day of school was Monday the 14th and she had to be there early! School starts at 7:55 am, which means she and I have to get up earlier, and leave from here earlier too!

And here I haven't been able to sleep because my husband is working nights, and I seem to need someone snoring in my ear in order to catch some ZZZZZ's!

And. . .So we had to leave here at 7:30 after hardly any sleep on my part, and the high school is 4.9 miles from my house (I check on map quest), and luckily there is only two bad four-way-stop's in my way to getting there. I made it in time for my daughter to sprint across a very large school campus to the other side, where her fist class is.

And the traffic is as terrible as I expected it to be, but next week I think will be better with the kids more use to getting up earlier, and maybe not bugging their parents so much to take them to school because they miss the darn bus!

I can hope can't I?

School's out at 3:15 or 3:20, and my daughter still isn't sure which, and she even told me yesterday that she thought the school let out at 4:00.

So, I'm a little confused.

Please Sarah don't confuse your mom, her mind isn't very good right now, because she isn't getting any sleep with your dad is on graveyard shift and not snoring in her ear at night.

Since my daughter is on the tennis team she will have to stay after school till 6:00 pm, and that makes a long day starting at 7:55 am and going clear to 6:00 pm.

I miss her already!

My husband and I have already met the tennis Coach, and he said that Sarah has to keep her grades up to keep playing tennis. But the good news is that as soon as the girls arrive at his class room they have to do their homework, and he helps them! And he (the coach) is very good at math, so she will get help there. And my daughter has two--count them two--math classes. Well, algebra actually, and she she can use all the help she can get!

So my daughter actually gets free tutoring along with the free tennis lessons!

I'm good with that!

I picked Sarah up early today because she had a eye doctor's appointment, and she had to miss her tennis practice. This week it's conditioning anyway, and that means conditioning the girls muscles to play tennis, and no practice with the tennis rackets until next week. My daughter was glad of the brake because her muscles are still sore from yesterday's practice.

The eye doctor visit went well--exempt I got miffed because they don't take our insurance! But I'm the one who forgot to ask when I set-up the appointment, but in my own defense I've never had a problem with an eye doctor not taking our insurance before. The winery where my husband works is one of the biggest employers here in our small town, so if you want a lot of business for your practice it really is a smart thing to take our insurance.

So. . . .Because of that I had to write a check! And because my daughter wants contacts the eye exam was more.

My daughter is now wearing her temporary contacts for a week, then we have another appointment, so the doctor can check and see how her eyes did with them. (luckily we wont be charged for that visit.) Then when we get the okay--and the prescription--I can take it and run! To where they will actually take our insurance, and order some contacts for her.

And my daughter wants color contacts, because she wants green eyes like her mommy!



Merle said...

Hello Janice ~ You sure have had a busy time, and it is so early to get up, get dressed and get fed and on your way.
Thanks for your comments and the true story about schoolchildren adopting a
child and all getting the same one.
The kids must have been so disappointed.
Take care, Janice, Hugs, Merle.

Sarah Elaine said...

You sure are busy!

Glad to hear that your Sarah has to keep her grades up to keep playing tennis. Free tutoring is a good thing!

That's very sweet about the contacts.

Janice said...

Hi Merle,

Oh yeah it is, but we are managing at least.

Yes, the students were really disapointed, when they had realized that they had all been had! My daughter thought it was funny though, but I don't think she would have if it was her.

Take care too.

Hi Sarah,

Yeah, I think it's a good thing too, and I'm really glad for the free tutoring.

I love that she wants to have my color eyes, but on the other hand I want her to be happy about how she looks too. And my daughter is a very beautiful girl, with lovely big brown eyes.

Lady Jan~

Granny said...

Middle school starts here at 7:45. Ridiculous.

I know what you mean about the driving.

I get so tired.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I really don't understand why they need to go to school so early? It's insane! Teens don't want to go to bed at a reasonable hour, and them I know let's make school start earlier that make them learn!

All that driving is the pits! And your right it makes you tired, but don't let the other person in the four way stop see you yawn because then he'll steal your turn!

Lady Jan~