Friday, August 25, 2006

Lady Jan asks--"Skunk verses Febreze--who won?"

It was late and I was trying to sleep (alone with out my husbands snoring in my ear), and thought I detected the smell of burning hair? Then it changed to the smell of burning rubber, the worse the smell got the more convenced I became that there was a skunk lurking nearby.


Can anything smell worse than skunk?

I rolled over and smelled skunk, I covered my nose and still I smelled skunk. I got up and went to the bathroom, and still I smelled skunk!

I couldn't open the front door and let the smell out, because that's where the skunk was eating my cats food. And I didn't need to spook the skunk into letting anymore aromatic skunk scent loose.


So I remembered I had just bought some febreze, and went to working febezing my bedroom. Apparently it was just my bedroom, which of course is the forward facing room with the most windows, that got the skunk stink. And I had the window open to catch a cool night brease, but I caught skunk stink insteed.

So, I febrezed the curtains.

I febrezed the bed.

I febrezed the carpet.

And I didn't forget to febreze my pillows where I lay my little head.

I febrezed everything!

So can you guess?

Who won that stink round?

Febreze verses skunk?

Who do you think won?

Post your answers in the comment section.

Then I'll tell you which one won!


Granny said...

The skunk.

Jeanette said...

Hi Janice
hope you can get the smell out of your bedroom
ive never smelt skunk before so im going with granny and saying

take care, keep smiling,Jen

Merle said...

Hi Janice ~~ I hope the Febreeze won,and am thankful we don't have skunks
here. I liked the verse and it was nice that it was on your grandmother's memorial. It was also on Sue's Mom's Memorial folder. Thanks for the visit.
Take care, Hugs, Merle.

Sarah Elaine said...

I'm not crazy about the smell of Febreeze, but I bet it's way more pleasant than skunk!

Janice said...

Hi everyone,

And thank you for playing my little game, and here's the answer:

As bad as that skunk stink was, and believe me if you evr smelled skunk it isn't something you soon forget--the febreze won!

I was surprised it worked! I thought it would just take some of the stink out, so I could go back to sleep. But it took all the stink out, so I was able to slip off into dream land--on slightly damp sheets.

Lady Jan~

peppylady said...

Skunks are pretty stinky. I've knowen a few people who had a pet skunk and they had them deorderazied.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peppylady,

Thank you for leaving a comment, and it is always good to meet a new person.

I guess one would have to if one wanted one for a pet.

I wouldn't too many smelly memeries!

Lady Jan~