Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lady Jan's Harvest

The squash plants aren't producing very much, so I have only got one or two every now or then. The tomatoes are doing only so so, the beefmaster not at all, but the romas always do well and that's them in the photo. And the yellow pear that are not in the photo are gone as soon as I pick them. The long skinny purple things are Japanese eggplant. And my egg plants are doing fantastic! Does anyone have a good Eggplant Parmesan recipe?
These are my purple potatoes called Blue Peruvians.
Yes, potatoes do come in purple or blue, neat huh?
I should have dug them up earlier, as it looks like I've had some problems with something in the soil. Also a damn gopher was lunching down on some of them.
An update on us
My dog has recovered from the heat stroke she suffered from a a couple of weeks ago, and is doing fine. Though she still does stagger but she did that before, mostly because she is elderly being 18 and a half. Occationally she still does the splits with all four legs.
My daughter's ear is better and no longer hurts her, but she is still on her antibiotics. She isn't suppose to go swimming but yesterday she did when she went to YGF house, but she did wear ear plugs.
My husband is now on the graveyard shift as night crash foreman at the winery where he works, so I am trying to get use to sleeping alone at night. Apparently I don't sleep well unless I'm being spooned, and someone is snoring in my ear.
We still don't know if we are going to Sunny's funeral or not, as there will be a lot of people there and lots more will be coming from out of town, and neither my husband or I do well in crowds.


Jeanette said...

Hi Janice
You have some nice home grown produce their, nothing better than home grown tomatoes .the only way I cook eggplant is :thinly slice lightly coat with seasoned flour(pepper ,salt,garlic,parmeson,parsly, any or all to suit your own taste ) . then fry till golden brown .Glad your daughters is over her earaches and the your dogs ok
Take care

Granny said...

I was going to ask you what to do with the eggplant. I do mine about like Jeanette does. Some people use egg and then flour for the coating and my southern mil used cornmeal (also with the egg).

Different strokes for different folks.


Janice said...

Hi Jen, and Ann,

My mom use to cook egg plant that way also, it a southern way to cook it. I usually use a mix called Zucchini batter mix from MPK foods--it's avalible in most groccery stores. I just follow the directions mixing it with water, then evenly coat eggplant, or zucchini, or yellow squash, or even chicken(you can cook anything with this batter) and fry it in hot oil. It tastes great, and even my picky husband will eat.

I also grill my egg plant and asst. veggies on the Bar-B-Q, but since mine is broken I bought a electric grill, and I have to tell you--it's just not the same.

Lady Jan~