Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lady Jan steps into the Cellar age and trips!

I finally have a cell phone!

I have been dragging my feet about getting one, because they were just too darn expensive! I know people that have had to turn theirs off because the bill just got too high. So I though, Oh darn, we got too many bills to as it is, so that's just a luxury we can't afford!

But the prices have come down in recent years, and there are now pay as you go phones that you can buy. So--We bought the
T-mobile pay as you go phone, because it was cheap and we wouldn't have to sign our lives away for two or so years. And I can buy minutes any time and ad them on by phone or (as I just found out) by the internet. We also got our daughter one too, mostly because she is on the tennis team, and she may need to get in touch with us after a meet or tennis practice.

The next day after getting our new phones I was talking to YGF about the new cell phone on our regular house phone, then my cell phone suddenly came on and played a jaunty little tune, then repeated it.

Me, "My cell phone just came on and started talking to me, and I'm not sure what it is doing?"

YGF, "It's ringing! It's probably Sarah--answer it!" her voice went high and excited.

Me, "Hello? Sarah?"

Sarah, "Yes, it's me mom. How did you know?"

Me, "The phone told me it was you."

Sarah, "Oh, that's right it can do that. Okay, here's why I called. . . . . . . ."

After that I kinda felt stupid. Well, duh of course it was ringing it just didn't register in my mind that that was what it was doing. Later when my husband and I went to the school to drop off our daughter tennis racket that she had asked us to bring to her, the cell phone rang again.

Me, "What is that noise?"

My husband, "Your cell phones ringing!"

Me, "It is?"

It was our daughter again wondering where we were.

My husband took the phone, and said, "Turn around sweetie, we're right behind you." And we were too.

Next time I'll be ready, and I'll know it's the cell phone ringing.

Really I will!


Granny said...

I know several people who like T-Mobile as well as many who like Cricket with its unlimited local calling and $5/month long distance.

I think you'll like the cell. For me it meant freedom and not worrying about important calls; especially from the school. With Ray sick, it's even more important to be reachable.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Huh, I hadn't thought about Cricket? Well, maybe the next time.

I like that I'm not chained to the house and the house phone, especially with my daughter in high school sports.

Oh Yeah, it has to be important for that, but not only with Ray sick but with three young ladies in school too.

Lady Jan~