Friday, August 18, 2006

Lady Jan and the Mouse

Just a quick post for tonight.

I was hanging up some clothes on my side of the closet, and end up poofing a rotten smell into my face. Okay, I know what that rotten smell is. . . .It's the smell of rotten mousy!

So then all I have to do is find it!

Ah Ha! There it is!

I didn't have to look far, it was on a sticky trap right under where I had hung up my clothes, hence the poof of rotten mouse!

I think it the same
mouse that was running all over my bedroom a week or so ago, and tried to get in bed with me. If so, it was awfully small to be causing that much trouble, as it looked about half grown.

Well it won't be doing that again!

Good bye mousy!


Merle said...

Hello Janice ~~ Glad you got him and hope there are no more around. Thanks
for your comments. Glad you enjoy my posts. Take care, Merle.

madcapmum said...

Oooh, you Warrior Woman, you! Glad you got him, but it's not very nice finding those little surprises in the house, is it?

Granny said...

I think our cat population has scared off any mouse who'd dare approach.

Cazz said...

Nothing worse than those bloody little things running around. I had a mouse eviction of my own last summer, had to get in the exterminators!!!

I visited "Crystal Tears" and was amused by her story of "Butt Cheek".
Glad all ended well


Janice said...

Hi Merle,

Yes! I got the little sucker! But I'm not sure if he had a friend or two around here.

Always a pleasure. Take care.

Hi Madcap,

He he, I love being called that!

Yes, I do not like surprises like that! I don't think anybody does, and I'm so glad he wont be bothering me again. That's a bed mate I can do with out!

Hi Ann,

Oh, that's good! My cats are all out side and too old to care any more. I think the fifteen year old might even be a little senile.

Hi Caz,

Fancy seeing you here! ;)

Exterminators!!! Hon you need sticky straps bad! I garentee they work with or with out food on them.

Thank you so much for visiting my YGF blog Crystal Tears, and thank you if you left a comment. Heh, Butt cheek, yes it did end well.

Your Lady Jan~

Alice said...

That is some excellent mouse killing work. Keep up the good work!

Janice said...

Hi Alice,

Oh, Thank you! ;)

Lady Jan~