Monday, July 31, 2006

Lady Jan Is Weird--Don't Say I Didn't Warn You!

This meme has been making the rounds of the blog-o-sphere, and I got this by was of Ann aka Rock Rebel Granny.

Six Weird Things About Me
And don't say I didn't warn you
Because I really am weird
  1. I dream lucidly--that means I can change my dreams as I am dreaming them, while I'm still asleep.
  2. I taught myself to read in my dreams--that's suppose to be impossible, but I just kept trying, remember the lucid dreaming in number 1? I would dream I would read something and it was gibberish all jumbled letters and such, and I would think I can do better than that! Then another dream I would read simple word like to and the, and I thought I can do better than that. Well, you get the idea. I just kept trying, and now I can have a dream where I go to a library, and open a book, and start to read and it makes sense.
  3. When I was twelve I saw the Angle of Death, just before my Uncle Basil died. But I didn't know that's what I was seeing at the time, mostly because he didn't look like the traditional Angle of Death with a sickle or a skull head. He just looked like a man wearing a black cloak that covered him head to toe, and all I could see of his head was the tip of his nose, his mouth, and chin which looked normal. I woke up to see him just standing there, then he just faded out. I thought what the heck was that? My uncle died a few days latter.
  4. When I was 22 my father was dying of colon cancer. While in the hospital's bathroom I felt my dad die, and a chunk of my heart pulled painlessly out and went to heaven with him. It's been 24 years and I feel like my heart has finally healed. Don't get me wrong I still miss my dad, and every year in the month of September the anniversary of his death I still get really really blue.
  5. When I was pregnant with my only child and turning thirty, my mom picked me up for a birthday surprise! She took me to brunch at a nice restaurant, then took me on a drive that went around Hensley lake. My mom knows how much I love the country and it was a really beautiful day, and we kept seeing things that you normally don't see very much of; like coyotes during the day, and not just one either but three together. Lots of hawks, some of them perched on a old fence so close to the road that we where driving on that I could of reached out and touched one. Then something happened that I'll never forget; I saw what at first I mistook for another coyote, and just as my mom was saying, "Is that another coyote?" It looked over it's shoulders at us then spread it's wings, and flew straight up! It was a bald eagle!
  6. I have dreams that come true. One time I had a dream about one of my daughter's friends named Kelly. In my dream I saw her parents talking quietly together by Kelly's open bedroom door as they looked in on their sleeping daughter, and they were talking about Kelly getting bit by a black widow spider, and how sick it had made her. And they were afraid she would die. If your not familiar with the black widow spider it's our country's most poisonous spider, it can kill you if you have asthma, or elderly, or very young. And regular healthy people that get bitten it makes us very very sick, as it had apparently made Kelly(in my dream). This dreamed had the feel of something that would happen, and it scared me. But also I wanted to warn Kelly with out her thinking that I'm some kind of a weird-o. So when she called the house for my daughter I got a chance to speak to her, and I tried to sound causal as I told her "It's black widow season, and I know how you like to leave your window open, and you really should check around your room and just to make sure you don't have any in there with you." And I felt certain it was in her room, and some where near her bed too. The next couple of days were nerve racking for me, because I felt the day of the spider bite was fast approaching, and I wanted her to find that spider! I talked to her a couple more times about looking for a black widow, before I finally broke down and told her about my dream. She really checked her room thoroughly then, and called me back to report she had found nothing. At this point I was about ready to tear her room apart myself--I was that certain about my dream! The next day Kelly called again this time to report something different; she had gotten ready for bed the night before, and instead of grabbing the covers and jumping in like she usually did she remembered my warning and looked first--guess what she found? A really really big black widow spider.
  7. And now here's an extra; I live in a haunted house! I have seen the ghost that resides here, and so have the rest of my family. It's a little girl named Jenny, and she was my daughter's invisible friend when she was little. And I have seen and heard some weird things here too, but I'll leave that for another meme, or maybe even Halloween.

See I told you I was weird!


Granny said...


I don't usually even remember my dreams; let alone get to change them in midstream.

Not exactly weird but certainly unusual.

Crazedmomof4 said...

I love how the Lord works out for us to see wild life in a special way. That sounds like a great day you had with your Mom. Maybe I'll post some of my wildlife blessings some day.

Thanks for the comment on my spot.

Your daughter is a beautiful young lady! Isn't it awful how fast kids grow?!

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I guess unusual does sound better than weird. Maybe this sounds sad but I like to dream, dreaming is nicer than reality especially the way I dream.

Hi Crazedmomof4,

It's always good to met someone new. And your welcome.

It was a wonderful, very special day, and a day I'll never forget.

Thank you I have always thought my daughter was beautiful, but I'm bias, and it's always nice when someone else notices too. And she is growing up way too fast, and she is taller than me now! I want that to stop, so I'm going to have to put a brick on her head!

Your Lady Jan~

Merle said...

Hello Janice ~~ Wow some unusual dreams there. I never remember mine. I think your daughter is lovely. Thanks for your comments, glad you liked the Spaghetti
joke. Take care, Merle.

Janice said...

Hi Merle,

You wouldn't be the only one who dosen't remember, but we all dream, mine are unusual I guess.

Keep those jokes coming.

Lady Jan~