Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lady Jan's Tomatoes--the saga continues!

Finally, finally! They are finally planted! In a semi straight row.
All three of them

My tomatoes were bad--
so I punished them and they are now in cages, and tied to the stake!
Bad tomatoes, bad tomatoes! You better put on fruit or else.
No, I kid--I actually baby talk my tomatoes which made my YGF
(Young Goth Friend) raise her eye brows.

Posted by Picasa What's up next? Drip admitters!


Oh I almost forgot to mention it but my car is FIXED!

Yay! I got my car back!

It was nice driving the new Toyota that we rented, but I missed my car.

It was the heater core, it was leaking bad and had to be replaced.

Now it's done, and I can drive my car again! Yay!


Granny said...

How I'd miss a day of your posts?

Oh well, I'm caught up again. How's your back?

Here's a link to the Red Hat Society. Sounds like they have a great time. I knew the red and purple sounded familiar when I read the poem and whn you, Gina, and Mr. Eddie all chimed in from different parts of the country, it was time for google.

ipodmomma said...

too funny... they must have been really naughty toms.. :)))

and yeah about your car... always nice to get back to one's own vehicle...

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I don't know, but at least your caught up now.

Google has the answer for everything--how did we ever live with out it? Oh yeah, libraries!

Hi Ipodmomma,

Yeah they were B-A-D!

About my car--I'm so happy! It's a real comfy '92 cad, and it's like sitting and driving on a comfortible chair that everything adjusts on. I just love it.

Lady Jan~

Janice said...

P.S. An update on my bad back:
My bad still hurts a lot--so I do some streaching over my exercise ball, or the couch. Which my husband finds very amusing, and my nearly fifteen year old daughter just shakes her head and says that's just wrong!