Monday, May 29, 2006

Lady Jan's shopping adventure part II

In case you were wondering,
I bought ten dresses all together.
But I could only load four at a time through Picasa 2,
so that is why I had two postings I & II. And Only eight dresses pictured.


The most important thing to remember is. . . . .

That. . . .

I only spent $20.70.

And We did finally found the perfect dress!

And this is it!

It not really black.
It just photographed that way.
The dress is actually more of a blue gray with a nice pattern of roses.
And it'll look nice with her gold shoes and
blue topaz necklace and earrings that I bought her,
for a graduation present.


ipodmomma said...

lovely girl you have there! the winning dress really is gorgeous on her...

but I really like the skateboard in the background... :)))

tell her thanks for being so patient... it's a great collection of outfits!!

Janice said...

Hi Ipodmomma,

Thank you so much!

Actually the picture were taken because she, and we couldn't decided which one we liked better.

S-o I had the idea of taking a picture with all the dresses, and then loading them into the computer and make a slide show of sorts out of them, so she could look objectively at the dress actually on her.

All four of us and that's Me, my husband, my daughter, and our YGF crowded around the computer and we sorta voted on what we liked the best.

Later your Lady Jan~

Granny said...

Excellent. I may hunt down your thrift store one of these days. It's worth the gas expense for those bargains.

Ours aren't that good usually for older kids although they were great when the girls were younger.

Elcie will need an entire wardrobe in the fall and probably so will Rochelle.

Sarah Elaine said...

Love those dresses -- especially the last one!

madcapmum said...

Oh definitely, that final dress is the perfect one. Really lovely, both daughter and gown. Congratulations!

Merle said...

Hi Janice ~~ I am glad you found the
right dress. It looks lovely and your
daughter looks great too.
I hope your Mother has had a great day.
I am glad I had remembered the date, when you told me yours. A lot of us Geminins around. Take care, Janice.
Cheers, Merle.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

We had a lot of luck there, and the dresses were a real find. It just kind of happens that way, sometimes you can really find real great bargains and some times you can't. But I've usually find something in my daughter's size almost everytime, which is good because she is so tall and thin that it makes her hard to fit.

I've gone to the Salvation Army in Fresno and their big thrift store (which the name escapes me right now), but I like our Madera ones better.

And the lesser holidays everthing is half off, which is always a big plus.

Hi Sarah,

Thank you, but we were really lucky there.

Hi Madcap,

Thank you, and I thought so too on both accounts, but then again I'm rather bias being her mom and all.

I'll pass on the gradulations to my daughter.

Hi Merle,

Thank you on both accounts.

My mom did indeed have a nice day. I saw my mom today to give her a belated birthday card and present, and I passed on your birthday greeting, and she was surprised! And she says thank you very much.

And I'm glad you remembered the date too.

Take care everyone, your Lady Jan~