Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lady Jan's Daughter is HOME!

My Daughter is back from her 8th grade school trip!
My daughter Sarah wearing her Goofy Hat and gloves.
When she was at Disneyland she was wearing this hat and gloves, and someone else's Goofy face hat, and little kids where running up to her and saying,
"It's Goofy! Can I have your autograph?"
She told me, "Now how could I say no to that?"
So she signed Goofy's name.
And some people even took her picture with their little kids too.
Though I think when they get home and really look at the pictures then they'll realize,
"Um, that girl didn't work there did she?"
Our YGF(Young Goth Friend) wearing the princess Minnie hat that my daughter bought her, as she sits on my exercise ball.
Sarah and YGF Goofing around for the camera.
If your wondering the girls are 5 month apart in age.
This is a pre-view of what is in store for us next week!
It's been a difficult year, and a lot of worry for me over the new stricter policies in place for graduating from the 8th grade. Only one third of the kids from Dinumba graduated last year, and this year it's another school I heard about that wont be graduating but half their 8th graders. Mostly it's problems with the kids learning algerbra, which is the subject my daughter had problems with last year.
"But it's okay," my daughter kept me reassured me,"everything will be fine!"

She told me she showed me her cap and gown,
and tears welled up in my eyes,

"I'm gonna graduate from the 8th grade!"
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Granny said...

Good for her. I hated algebra and I didn't get involved with it until 9th grade. Nobody did back then.

Now, everything is algebra, even when some kids are still counting on their fingers and don't know their times tables.

We're out on the 2nd until 8-14.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

It's ridiculous isn't it? It getting too hard for the kids to get their diploma!

And I don't even know algerbra to help my daughter her math homework!

I told her teacher Mr. Brown that I didn't need to learn algerbra to graduate from high school, and he thought I was lying!

The Idiot!

I graduated in 1979, and you didn't even need to pass a test to graduate either! You got through with your points alone!

Lady Jan~

madcapmum said...

Good grief! They have graduation from grade 8?! You know what, if they're losing even a third of the class along the way, the program is obviously not suited to the grade level. It's not the kids, it's the curriculum! People should be all over the school board and policy makers. That's appalling.

Sarah Elaine said...

Fabulous photos!

I had no idea about graduating from 8th grade! For us, it was just called "passing"!

ipodmomma said...

great pics!!! those are amazing stats.... wow!!!

bet you will be a proud mama!!! congrats to Sarah!!!

Janice said...

Hi Madcap,

Parents have been complaining now for a while but the polititions wont hear of it! They say we have to be this hard because we're way behind jappan and some other countries.

What they don't seem to realize is that the kids in Japan go to school from 8:00am until 5:00pm, just like they were holding down a job. And they also have a high drop-out/burn-out rate with their students too.

Is that what the polititions want in this country too? a higher drop-out rate?

Also on the books this year is a bill that provide for pre-school program that would be avilible to all students, and it'll at the school just like kindergarden. And the Next think you know that'll be manitory too!

Hi Sarah,

H-mm, I didn't know that. I graduated from the 8th grade way back in '74, and we didn't wear a cap and gown. But I did get a daploma.

Hi Ipodmomma,

Thanks, and I will be. I'll pass along the congraulations to my daughter.

Your Lady Jan~