Monday, May 29, 2006

Lady Jan's shopping adventure part I

Happy Memorial day everybody!
instead of taking my daughter to the cemetery and placing flowers on the graves, and talking with her about the men and women who died so we can have such freedom as we have in our country.
Instead I took her shopping!
Did you know that the Salvation Army and some other Thrift store have a half off sale for Memorial day?
And Did you know that my daughter is the right size to find a lot of dresses that fit?
And then the objective of buying just the right dress,
becomes more of buying everything that fits?
Posted by Picasa And when you look this cute in all the dresses and the dresses are all half off, and you don't ruin mamma's carefully prepared budget, then the answer to the question,
"Can can have them all?"


Granny said...

See comments on latest post. At least you can get Picasa2 to load more than one picture.

Please share your secret. I've tried everything everyone (inluding Picasa) has suggested.

Sarah Elaine said...

That blue plaid one is especially cute!

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I click and drag the curser over the ones that I want to load into the tray, and then I hit blog this. After that a window pops up, and I sign in to my blog and write what I want and hit publish it.

And that's it!

Once I figured it out, with is a story in it's self I find that it's really easy. But you can only add four pictures maxium at a time this way.

Hi Sarah,

Thank you. You've got a good eye there! The blue plaid was a runner up.

Lady Jan~