Monday, May 08, 2006

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger e-mails Lady Jan (a form letter)

Dear Lady Jan,

Thank you for your comments regarding greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
Global warming and the burning of fossil fuels are threats to
California and the world. We know the science, we see the threat and the time
for action is now.

On June 2, 2005, I signed Executive Order S-3-05 directing the
California Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to implement groundbreaking
GHG emissions goals. My directive calls for a reduction of GHG emissions
to 2000 levels by 2010, 1990 levels by 2020 and 80 percent below 1990
levels by 2050. This bold action establishes California as the national
leader in the fight against global warming, setting an ambitious
precedent for the federal government and other states to follow. These
target goals will protect California's water supply, air and coastline from
the threat of a changing climate and reward businesses that invest in
efficiency-enhancing technologies. The California EPA will evaluate
many proposals in order to create a cost-effective strategy to meet these
goals. I encourage you to learn more about these initiatives by
visiting my website at

Since I became governor of California, I have been committed to leading
by example to protect California's natural resources. I established an
Environmental Action Plan to lead the way in meeting our new
environmental challenges. We created the 25 million acre Sierra Nevada
Conservancy, opened the path to a hydrogen highway and sponsored the first ocean
protection act in the nation. We created the "Breath Easier Campaign,"
aimed at getting the worst polluting vehicles off California roads and
strengthened the "Flex Your Power at the Pump" program, helping
citizens use gasoline more efficiently. In December 2004, I signed the Green
Building executive order directing the State government, the largest
electricity consumer in California and one of the highest greenhouse gas
producers, to increase its own energy efficiency by 20 percent by 2015.
With these actions, I see California as an environmental partner not
only to our nation, but to nations around the world.

Again, thank you for your interest regarding global warming and for
sending me your comments. By working together, we can meet the needs of
our economy and our environment, as well as make this Earth a place of
beauty and opportunity for all generations.


Arnold Schwarzenegger


Granny said...

I got the same letter and also one from Senator Feinstein. I'm not sure now what I signed and sent to her but it had something to do with getting rid of Pombo.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Well, it maybe a form letter, but at least they are letting us know that they are getting our e-mails.

Lady Jan~


is he still driving that hummer

Janice said...

Hi Taxi shots,

The last I heard he still was.

But Senator Diana Feinstein is driving a hybred.

Lady Jan~