Thursday, January 27, 2005

Lady Jan sees a rainbow

1-26-05 The begaining of the rainbow Posted by Hello
I couldn't resist taking these pictures yesterday, as we had the most beautiful rainbow.
This was taken fron the left side facing my house.
I live out in the country on an old hundred year old farm.


gar said...

Beautiful pictures. Once in Montana I saw a complete rainbow - but I didn't have a camera.

To your question - I don't have any google ads. I have an Amazon ad on "Gar's Grumbles" and a "Powells Books" on "Hobbit Hall." So far, they have yielded absolutely zero. When I put up "Hobbit Hall" I already suspected that would be the case from my experience with "Gar's Grumbles." But I put the search banner there, more for people's convenience if they are actually looking for a book or author. :-}

Janice said...

Hi Gar,

Thank you! Rainbows are hard photograph, because they usually aren't dark enough, but I was lucky with this one--the colors were nice and strong.

Thank you for the infromation on the adds. That was interesting, as I didn't know anyone but google was doing adds.

Lady Jan

bridgesitter said...

Wow nice picture! We have a lot of farm pictures going on around here and there and everywhere. I love looking at farms, any cows? I love cows too.

Janice said...

Hi Bridgesitter,

Sorry no any cows on this property, but there are cows behind us though. There were grapevines here, until my landlord tore them out over the past summer.

Lady Jan