Sunday, January 30, 2005

Lady Jan accidentally kills a crow

I don't know how it happened; but when I left in the morning, to take my husband to work and then later to take my daughter to school, some how I backed over a crow. Posted by Hello
At first I thought it was a rolled-up pair of socks, just behind where I usually park my car. So I parked my car over to a different spot and went to look at it. And there it was lay, looking dead, and sad with tire marks on it. "Oh, no! How could that have happened?"
When I drive, I back out very slowly, as I'm overly careful and worry someone will come up behind me. I just wasn't expecting a suicidal crow!
Later that same morning I was leaving for the bank, and the mate (to the one I ran over) was on the roof of my house cawing at me, it sounded like it was saying, "Murderer, murderer, murderer!"
My husband said, "Don't worry about the dead crow, it was probably was sick, or old, or had been poisoned."
Earlier, I moved it off my drive way, so I wouldn't run over it again, then later my daughter buried it for me. The mate hopped around my daughter, making her very nervous. Then cawed at it (DEAD)mate, then flew up to an over head wire. I thought maybe it would hang around for a while, as I believe they mate for life, but now two days later--it's gone now.


David said...

Did you really draw a picture of this pathetic event of your life? well, I'm sure that bird doesn't hold it against you.

Janice said...

Hi David Skarbek,

Actually David, I thought it was more traggic, then then pathetic.

And it's mate at the time did seem to hold it against me.

Lady Jan

bridgesitter said...

Lady Jan, I think your drawing is wonderful! I think just looking at the picture itself tells a story. Good Job! Also thanks for posting on my site. More drawings!

Janice said...

Thank you Bridgesitter!

I think I may do just that! I do have another blog that's just drawings, you can check it out; just go through my profile.

Lady Jan

The Singing Butler said...

Ironically, the term for a group of crows is a MURDER of crows.

Janice said...

Hello Singing Butler,

Thank you for the infromation!
I did not know that!

Talk about ironic!

Lady Jan