Monday, January 10, 2005

Lady Jan--is this the mate for you?

This is a list of things that will help you know, if your mate is really the mate for you! When I say mate here, it is for any kind of a couple; spouse, life partner, boy-friend, or girl-friend, or same-sex relationship ect.

1. Do you feel that you are a better person, because of your mate?

2. Do you like the person you are, when you are with your mate?

3. Does your mate encourage you, in your dreams, and interests?

4. Do you and your mate like the same pass times, movies ect?

5. Do you like spending time with your mate?

6. Do you love, but not like your mate?

7. Does your mate's mood change for the worse, when you are with your mate?

8. Does your mate try to isolate you, from friends and family?

9. Are you afraid of your mate?

10. Does your mate hit you?

You'll notice I have the nice questions on the top five, and the not so nice one on the bottom five. There is a reason for that! It's easier to grade!

If you answered yes to 1 through 5, and no to 6 though 10--congratulations you have a wonderful relationship, this is the mate for you!

If you said no to some of the the top five, and no to 6 through 10--your relationship with your mate, needs either a little or a lot of work.

If you said no to 1 though 5 and yes to 6 through 10--run! This is not the mate for you, this is a classical abusive relationship, and you need to leave now!

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