Thursday, January 06, 2005

Lady Jan--on Janus and Taurus

The planets and the stars of Y2K5 by Shelley Ackerman
(the following I'll be paraphrasing)

The month of January is named for Janus, the Roman god of gates and doors whose double-faced head looks in opposite directions - seeing into the past and future all at once. And so it is in late December that we customarily review the past year past, as well as preparing for the next 12 months.
(I thought this was interesting, because of the God Janus's, has a close name to my name)

Nature's cycle is unfolding of 12; There are 12 months in a year, 12 days of Christmas, 12 inches in a foot, 12 step programs, two 12 hour cycles in a day, 12 disciples, 12 tribes of Israel, and 12 signs of the Zodiac.

(I'll skip down to the zodiac signs-- to mine Taurus)
This year, Mars in Taurus will teach us a lesson about avarice and greed. Typically Mars(the planet of drive and aggression--well duh--he is the god of war after all) averages six weeks in a sign and goes through all 12 in little less than two years. But beginning on July 27, (Oh dear the day after my daughter's birthday) and for the first time since Oct. 73 &74 Mars will graze(?) for seven months (July 27 '05-Febuary 17 '06) in Taurus, the sensual sign known for its hearty appreciation of pleasure and indulgence in excess and earthly delights.(well gee, no wonder I'm so fat!)

When at its best Taurus abundant, rich, persistent, dependable, delisious, and gifted(yeah, that's me alright!) At its worst, Taurus is gluttonous, hoarding, possessive, and stubborn(oh, I give up!) In the Fall of 1973, the last time Mars went retrograde in that sign, there was an enormous oil shortage. The lines for gasoline were miles long (I was there, I remember it was awful,) and the economy began to tumble. The Watergate scandal was in full throttle, and in October of that year, several members in President Nixon's administration resigned in what was called "The Saturday Night massacre". The crisis culminated in Nixon's August 1974 resignation. (I remember having to watch the Watergate hearings, as part of my homework when I was in the 7th grade.)

Here I'll sum up: it's all gonna happen again---she does go on to say that this year after July 27th--it doesn't look to good! Especially with Bush in office(she's not saying he'll be impeached though that's not a bad idea), and all the trouble in the middle east we're been having. And we may end up in another gas-oil crisis soon, and the economy will start to take a down fall at that time(something I've been predicting for awhile). So this year may not be a very good year! Well after July, anyway.

Kinda scary, Huh?

If this is true--my suggestion is: Put your house in order--Pay off as many bills as much as possible, move closer to work(or get a job were you live), and look into getting a more economical car. And just--Simplify--your life as much as you can.

There are other ways to cut down: regular TV is free, do you really need that many channels on cable or satellite TV? The internet dial-up server maybe slower, but it's cheaper too. And cell phones, do you really need to be reach where ever you go? Sometimes cell phones can be more of an nuisance then a help anyway, and they can cause car accidents. And credit cards--cut them up! The way to the poor house, is paved with credit cards.

Hey it can't hurt! And maybe it'll help your stress now, and help your future later on. Sometimes being prepared is half the battle.

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