Thursday, January 20, 2005

Lady Jan has had a b-a-d week!

My husband had the stomach flu and then gave it to me! Wasn't that nice! But he took a day off to take care of me, as I had been taken care of him when he was sick. Yeah, he's a good man. And I haven't slept in two nights, so I maybe a little punchy! And I have just a little head ache right now, which isn't too bad. But as long as the room stops spinning, and my light headedness doesn't cause me to faint....I guess I'll be okay.....Well...Maybe tomorrow! I think I hearing a ringing noise? Is that the phone?

Here's the bad part, oh yeah there's always more isn't there?

*My daughter gave me her permission to publish this next part of my post!*

I finally managed to grab a couple of hours sleep this morning after dropping my husband off at work and my daughter at school. The phone rang! It was the principal, and my daughter was suspended from school for fighting! Well, I already knew about the fight, and my husband tried to deal with it in his own way. We knew all the children involved and he tried to talk to everyone's parents, and try to find a solution. He also said, "if a solution couldn't be reached and this happened again, that (he) would go to the principal." Well, the girl who started the fight--her mom said to my husband several times "don't go to the principal, he's the type who wont do anything!" And she also said "that (she) won't make a fuss about it either!"

Guess what! She flat out lied!

She went straight to the principal office first thing in the morning, and made a fuss! The girl who caused the fight, had plenty of time to call all her friends and set-up witnesses for herself. Of course my daughter had none! But the principal thought it sounded a little fishy! As that all the witnesses stories were too identical, and sounded too rehearsed. But he had to suspend my daughter anyway, but he did give her the smallest sentence for the grand crime of self defense--one day suspention!

I told my daughter that I wasn't mad a her, and that I was glad that she defended herself. I don't want my daughter to be come someone's punching bag!

We also know the truth now about how the suspention thing works; the first one who makes it to the principal wins!.......Well, don't get suspended!

It's just been a b-a-d week!

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