Monday, February 05, 2007

Lady Jan's says, "I have an cold in my eye!"

This sounds so stupid like "Earache my eye" by Cheech and Tommy Chong, but indeed I have what is called a cold in my eye.
Asthmatics have the problem with there cold going into their lungs, and I too am an asthmatic and have resigned myself to having to spit (ew) on occasion to get rid of the phlegm. And I have also been diagnosed with super sensitive sinus which means I get it up the nose too and so I can't breath too well.
But this is the first time I had a cold in my eye!
My daughter had it a few years ago so I know what it is, and I'm treating it with eye washes and natural tears eye drops. and as bad as it looks today it was worse yesterday when I woke up and it was mattered together and had to pry it open. the bottom and top eye lids were even swollen and I could barely see out of it.
But the swell is down and I can use it just fine today, but it still looks like heck!


White Trasherati said...

Aw, Lady J! That looks painful - here's wishing you a speedy recovery. I guess lots of vitamin C doesn't work for an eye cold, huh? I wouldn't recommend rubbing an orange on it : )j

Jeanette said...

HI Janice your EYE looks so painfull, I hope your feeling a lot better very soon.Take care Keep warm

Janice said...

Hi W.T., and Jeanette,

Thank for your concern I really appriciate it, and hopefully I'll be better soon.

Lady Jan~