Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lady Jan's Daughter's Professional Graduation Photo

I just got these pictures today.
Gee, I have a very pretty daughter!
My husbands youngest brother Danny came by over the weekend, and told us he (finally) graduated from high school. He should have in 1980--so he was 26 years late!
At least he finally did it!
Then my husband's baby-sister Becky called and her middle child--her second son just graduated from high school. And yes, on time with his class.
Then there also my sister-in-law's co-daughter (her life partner's child), also graduated on that same week in Fresno.
So, a lot of graduates on my husbands side of the family!
We do have a lot to be grateful for!
Congratulations to all this years Graduates!
Yay! For 2006!
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Granny said...

She is beutiful.

Congratulations to all.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Thank you, and thank you.

Lady Jan~

ipodmomma said...

lovely! and congrats to all the other grads... :)))

megz_mum said...

Doesn't she look ever so grown up in the graduation outfit - nice photo!

Janice said...

Hi Ipodmomma,

Thank you, and for the congrats.

Hi Megz_mum,

Yes, she does! She looks like she graduated from high school insteed of 8th grade, darn it!

Thank you.

Lady Jan~