Saturday, November 01, 2008

Day After Halloween: Rain

Don't be alarmed this is still Lady Jan's blog I just did some revamping. Do you like it?

It's the day after Halloween, and my daughter's party was a huge success. All her guest arrived, though two came late and had to leave early. They all loved the Chucky movies, but unfortunately one was too badly scratched to play.

My husband saw his cake yesterday morning after he got home from working the night shift. He walked into the kitchen saw it and I heard him laugh. He said he "Loved it."

He's such a good sport, but I bet he'll get me when I turn 50 in a few years.

I found little ghosts for his B-day candles. If I got 50 candles it might have set the house on fire, lol.

Dave with his cake and my daughter and one of her guests in the back ground. We sang "happy birthday," and he blew out the candles.
He ate a slice, and took a whole pizza that I had bought for him to work for his lunch.

I had already given him his B-day gifts on Wednesday his real B-day; a movie Cloverfield, and two packages of Pistachios (he likes nuts, that's why he married me).

Today is the first day of the
NaNoWriMo aka national November writer's month. This is when all us lunatic try madly to write a 50,000 word novel in a months time, starting November first to midnight November 30th.

It anyone want to do it I think the sign up is still going on just log into the website.

I'm all signed up for the Nano as Lady Jan, and I might not be posting very much this month with all the writing I will be doing.

But please keep checking back, because I will be posting my word count, and you can cheer me on.

And at long last its raining!

Not just the sprinkles, but real rain.

I had to go out and get wet. Its so cool and smells so good.

Don't you just love the rain?


Merle said...

Dear Janice ~~ I am glad you had a happy Halloween party for your husband's b'day.
His cake looked yummy. And your daughter and friends watched horror movies.Shudder
Thanks for your comments and the story of "Wings" was lovely, such a brave mother. Glad you liked the jokes too.
Good luck with your month of writing - I seem to remember you did this last year.
Best of luck. Take care, Love, Merle.

Gwen said...

Hi Janice.
Loved your post,wish Dave a belated happy birthday.
I hope you all enjoyed Halloween
Stay Well

Kristen Painter said...

It rained here for about 24 hours straight. Fine with me. Great sleeping/writing weather!

Janice said...

Hi Merle,

My husband B-day cake was good, vanilla with raspberry filling.

I'm not into horror film either but my daughter and her friends are, but they watched in her room so I did see any.

That little bird was very brave.

Your right and this will be my third year of doing the nano.

Hi Gwen,

I already told him and he says thank you.

Halloween was great thanks for asking.

Hi Kristen,

I have to agree. I love the rain and when I lie down at night I knock right out.

There is something about the rain that makes it really nice for the imagination.

Take care everyone,