Monday, November 10, 2008

Kearney Park Renaissance festival

We went to the local Renaissance fair that's usually held at Kearney park, but this year it at a place I've never heard of before--Sycamore island.
It's more of a fishing hole along the Fresno river. Kind of dirty with gravel strewn all over the dirt roads and its was located in the middle of no-where and I had to get google maps just to locate the place.
It's some where between Madera and Fresno.
This is a great horned owl.
We made it too late to watch the shows though there was a couple still going on; belly dancers and two juggling acts that we had seen before. Mostly we just walked around and visited the booths that sold every thing to rings to swords and armor to puppets of all kind. My daughter liked the puppets and spotted pandas and dragons. When she was looking at the above owl I thought it was another puppet until I took a closer look
and it blinked!
Its a rescued bird that they show to the public to bring awareness of the endanger predator birds located in our area.

We came too late for shows and didn't wear our costumes, but my daughter Sarah did get a couple of pictures for me to share.

This is the sunset just as we were leaving if you look closely you'll see a tent from the fair.
My arms are sore from doing yardwork on Saturday, but I keep writing even though I felt like a T-rex with weak arms.
I'm at 21,066 words on my nano story Dragon's heart.


Merle said...

Dear Janice ~~ Some great photos and well done on all the writing you have done so far. Thanks for your comments
and good wishes for my test results.
I really enjoyed having my brother Peter and his mate Warren for a week. We had some late nights talking and Peter worked on my computer, so now he knows where everything is, and I will probably find things when I need to. I hope your new President elect can sort out the mess when he takes office in January.
Take care, keep writing, Love, Merle.

Janice said...

Hi Merle,

Thank you, my daughter has a good eye for photography I guess she did learn something in that class after all?

I hope the test result were good, and it was nice having company. That's good that Peter organized your computer for you, and I hope it made it easier for you to blog and such.

I wish the best for our president too, the last was well . . . not very good let's say.

Take care of yourself,