Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday's thirteen: my shopping list for Thanksgiving

As most of you know (those of you who live in the states anyway) next week is Thanksgiving.

If you don't, well its when we all gather together for a big meal, make pigs of ourselves and give thanks that we here for another year, so we can do this again.

And now I am now going to show you my shopping list:

  1. The turkey of course. If your a vegetarian sorry but me and mine are all carnivores. Except my sister she's a sea vegan, but now she is occasionally eating meat so . . . I guess she isn't so much now?

  2. Salad fixings. My husband is the gourmet of salads makers, but this year I will have to remind him not to add mushrooms because our daughter has decided that she despises mushrooms. Yuck pout, no likie. And she is seventeen.

  3. Two bottle of salad dressing. We're a two bottle family; I like blue-cheese and my hubby and everyone else like ranch.

  4. Corn; and that's on the cob no canned for us, no sir.

  5. Two boxes stuffing mix; the top of the stove stuff. I add heart, gizzard etc. from the turkey to one for my mom, and the other I make plain for my husband.

  6. Yams; what Thanksgiving without yams? My daughter love them by themselves too.

  7. Potatoes; I mash them. I know too much starch but it is Thanksgiving after all.

  8. Old fashioned sausage gravy mix; after lots of searching and making the homemade verity too, I at long last found a gravy mix my husband loves.

  9. Real butter.

  10. Brown and serve rolls; a family classic.

  11. Whipped cream; the kind in a can.

  12. Apple pie

  13. And ta ta da pumpkin pie; my hubby and daughter's favorite.

So did I make you hungry yet?

What's your families tradition?


Paige Tyler said...

Yes! LOL! Yummy TT!


My TT is at

Heather said...

Hehe...this topic looks a bit familiar. *G* Hope you and yours have a great Thanskgiving! ;]

Janice said...

Hi Paige,

Oh yes, and tastes as good as it sounds too, lol.

Happy TT too.

Hi Heather,

Yes just a bit LOL.

I also wish you and your a happy one.

Happy TT.