Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Thursday's Thirteen: School Daze

Today's Thursday's thirteen has to do with getting my daughter ready for school. She will be a junior this year at high school. She was a transfer student to the new state of the art high school, but because she didn't do well in one subject she's back to the old school that I and her dad graduated from.
You know school sucks when . . . .
  1. You have to buy new clothes that have to be on the okay'd list.
  2. You have to buy school supplies; ie paper, folders, backpack, because there is no way your teen is going to wear the same backpack, etc from last year.
  3. Getting a letter that our daughter either didn't turn in either; a. a text book, b. a library book, or c. a school item of some kind but they can't tell us which one that's for us to call the accounted to find out.
  4. You call and account isn't there for two weeks, or just every time we call with in business hours.
  5. Being told to be sure to register our daughter at school by the old(new) school, and being told by the new (old) school not until July 28th.
  6. We called again and we find out registration is August 6th for the juniors, which we did today. Phew!
  7. Then my husband finally got in touch with the accountant today, and had to do it face to face.
  8. He found out one of my daughter's teachers was sick at the end of the school year, and we don't owe $50. after all.
  9. Then the bad news is it's been so long since the end of the school year that we can't get her last grades that they were holding for the $50. dollars.
  10. Paying for gym clothes when the ones last year still fit, but there from the other high school.
  11. Writing a check way ahead of time for photo day, and praying you have the money in the bank by then.
  12. Finding out that the year book is $70.00 and you need to buy it right now or the price will go up.
  13. Realizing you just can't afford the $70.00 for the year book, on top of the new clothes, on top of the new school supplies and on top of everything your shelling out right now.


Paige Tyler said...

Eeeek! What a list!


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Janice said...

Hi Paige,

Yes, it sucks being a parent.

Lady Jan~