Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Aftrer "D" day Post

I'm all done at the dentist for three weeks, then I go back for my gold crown and a filling on the other side. More drilling yuck!

I still taste powered tooth and burned flesh in my mouth, and I ate and brushed my teeth since then. Double yuck!

BTW my dentist isn't denizen of hell, lol, he is a very nice man, about my own age but he looks younger than me--darn him.

A couple of years ago my husband told him I had a crush on him. I was so mortified. Could any thing be more embarrassing?

I could have strangled my hubby. I almost didn't go back because of that.

Well I almost forgot about my dear ol' hubby when the dentist talked to me for a while to help me calm down, and then gave me the novacaine.

I didn't feel a thing, thank God.

It's not his fault I just have this overriding fear of the dentist left over from childhood. I'm also a big baby when it come to needles. *shiver*

The only problem was the goo they use for the mold. I gagged making an ugly noise and had to yank it out of my mouth. Luckily I didn't sprew but I think I gave my dentist and his assistant a surprise.

LOL, I know they both jumped.

The mold was good so they didn't need to do it over.

I guess I was still thinking when I yanked it out and didn't pull so much yank as opened my mouth and lifted it off my teeth . . . very quickly though.

It wasn't a bad taste that made me choke (it tasted like plastic), but the feel of it near my gag threshold. It's moved up since I had a baby seventeen years ago and I still gag easy.

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