Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday's thirteen: life with a temp. cap

Thursday’s thirteen: thirteen rules to live by when you have a temporary cap on your tooth.

  1. Don’t even think of chewing gum, and bubble gun is definitely out! It’ll pull your temp. cap right off!

  2. Don’t eat potato chips, popcorn and rolled Gold pretzels are definitely out. I just ate one on the wrong side, ow.

  3. And on the subject of junk food; stay away from anything hard and crunchy, like jaw breakers. They break your teeth more than your jaw.

  4. Eat soft food like creamed corn, cream soup or really well cooked potatoes.

  5. If you nuke your food; a baked potato is okay, but just don’t put any soy bacon bits on it or you have a new experience in pain. Crunch ouch!

  6. Forget ice cream or anything too cold or too hot.

  7. And don’t forget to eat on the other side of your mouth from the temp. cap.

  8. Good oral hygiene is your friend right now, especially if that’s how you got in this mess to begin with! Hey, not now! I was only bad about brushing when I was a kid.

  9. Using sensadine tooth paste really helps.

  10. Be careful when you floss, you can pull your cap right off, especially if you forget to slide it out to the side and pull it straight out like normal. Believe me this has happened . . . to me (an earlier cap).

  11. Don’t grind your teeth, it hurts.

  12. For Goodness’s sake don’t use a tooth pick. It not good for your gums and might flip that cap right off.

  13. The thing I want to leave you with is this; your teeth are meant to last a life time, please take care of them. I didn’t when I was a kid and I’m paying for it now!

Back when I was a bad little girl and didn’t brush my teeth I ended up with huge fillings, which are now breaking my teeth, and causing me to have caps.

This is my fifth temporary cap, and will be my fifth crown when I go back to the dentist next month.


Stephanie Sullivan said...

Great list! Happy Thursday!

Nina Pierce said...

Oh, that sounds very uncomfortable. Good luck with the tooth. Hope it gets straightened out soon.

Inez Kelley said...

Been there, well, am there now. Mashed potatoes are good and mac and cheese, home made.

Paige Tyler said...



My TT is at

Savvy One said...

aw i had one once too and it sucked .esp when i ate a starburst and it came off.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Dang! I hope you feel better!

Janice said...

Hi Stephanie,

Thank you, and you too.

Hi Nina,

Thank you and it is. I have an appointment on the 18th of next month and I'll get my new shinny new gold crown. The bad news is he still has to work on yet another tooth. The one on the opposite side.

Hi Inez,

That mach and cheese sounds good. Tonight we had homemade Chicken curry and white rice.

Hi Paige,

Sorry to frighten you.

Hi Savvy,

A starburst? What did your dentist say about that?

Hi Jennifer,

I will once I get my cap, and my filling done. I hope that the last but I know I hope in vain.

Happy TT everyone,
Lady Jan~

Merle said...

Hi Janice ~~ We get wise too late for our teeth. I don't miss a single day
NOW, but like you didn't always brush as a kid. Thanks for your comment on the Biker post, and I am so sorry you were upset by it.It was meant to make
car drivers more aware and careful of Bikers. I am so sorry your husband had such a bad accident that was not his fault and glad he is fine now.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.gpmt

Gwen said...

Hi Janice.
Just popped in to see how thing are,and hope all is well DENTIST'S

Gledwood said...

I didn't even know there WAS such a thing as a temp cap but it sounds highly inconvenient...

... almost as nasty as the dreaded root canal treatment~!!!

Janice said...

Hi Merle,

LOL, isn't that the truth?

Oh I'm okay about the biker story. It just make me think about that jerk that almost killed my husband. Though I didn't know him yet.

Hi Gwen,

Yeah, you can say that again, ow!

Hi Gledwood,

Oh I think a root canal would be worse. I never had one, but came awfully close one time.

Thank you everyone for your comments,
Lady Jan~