Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Rest of Lady Jan's Flowers

Blogger cooperated, so I was able to post the rest of my picture.
You'll notice that the background is black, that is because I took the pictures right at sundown so the background came out so dark.
This flowering small shrub is a bit of a mystery. It just grew-up in my garden late last year, so I don't know if it's something I planted and forgot about, or some little birdie dropped a seed in my garden and it just grew there.
One more close-up of the same flowering shrub.
This flower is called a Inca Lilly, but it is green year round and doesn't die back. It also survived our frost. I was told when I purchased it that it was a reliable bloomer. Also it has nice big fushia colored flowers almost 5 inches across.
I thought this one is the bulb called Paper White, but now I'm not so sure if that's it.
Can you spot the aphid on the blossom?
This flower I got from a mixed box of wild flowers, so I'm not sure what it's called. I keep wanting to call it a Blue Eyed Susan, but I'm not sure if that's it.
This is the earliest blooming flower in with my wild flower patch, which by the way re-seeded it's self from last years patch of wild flowers that I planted. They are suppose to be flowers to attract humming birds and butterflies.


Granny said...

I don't know what all of them are but they're sure pretty.

Janice said...

Thank you Ann,

I enjoy growing them, and taking the pictures too.

My mom thinks I should make take the flower photos and make a calender. I looked into doing that at snap fish and it kinda high, well maybe as a gift for her at mother's day.

Lady Jan~

ipodmomma said...


and yes, I do feel like a small town girl, partially because we live in a tiny village, and Harrogate, one of the nearest small cites/large towns, isn't a huge place, and also because I think no matter where you go, if you choose to stay close to your roots, you will. I'm not a 'city' type, so being in a small village suits me.

I do however have a much better appreciation for the world at large, and my little spot within it....

Sarah Elaine said...

Lovely flowers! Brilliant colours, too! That's quite the green thumb you have there.

Janice said...

Hi Ipodmomma,

Thank you!

I was wondering because your home town is small, and your village is small too. My home town is small as well, and I've never lived any where else, and I am a small town girl.

Oh that's good. I heard travel helps with that. Something that some day I like to experiance for myself.

If anyone was wondering ipodmomma was answering a question I asked her on her blog.

Hi Sarah,

Thank you so much, that is so sweet.

I don't really do that much--I do amend the soil, but mostly I just plant them or sprinkle the seeds, and have I set up a drip line some years ago to help with the watering.

And that's it beside weeding occationally.

Mostly we just have great soil and a whole lot of sun here in California.

Lady Jan~

Leslee said...

I love your flowers!! Especially the day lilies!

Janice said...

Hi Leslee,

Oh thank you so much! I like them too.

Lady Jan~