Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Golf and Miniature Golf By Lady Jan

The differences between Golf and Miniature Golf
By Lady Jan

In golf you chase a little white ball all over the place on acers and acers of mowed grass called a golf course, and try to get the ball into little holes with long sticks called a golf club.

In miniatures golf you chase a little ball that can be all kinds of bright colors around a smaller place called a miniature golf course. And this kind of course can have lots of small houses, like wind mills, and small castles, and you try to get the ball into little holes with golf clubs too.

In Golf there is only one building and it’s a big building where the players go after they play golf, and lie about how well they did.

In golf you carry a bag that has all kinds of clubs in them that you own, and have a lot of choices in which one to use at each hole. But miniature golf has smaller clubs and you can only use just the one club that you rent.

In golf you can use golf carts so you don’t have to walk, in miniature golf you have to walk because there are no room for golf carts.

In golf you have to hit the golf ball real hard so it can go really far, but if you do that in miniatures golf you will be asked to leave because you have just hit someone or something.

In both games there are water hazards, and that’s usually a pool of water. When that happens in golf the players usually stands there and curse. In miniature golf you can go and ask for another ball, but in golf your kinda stuck because that was your own ball that just got in the water (hence the cursing).

In Golf it is very important to have good form, in miniature golf no one pays any attention to form because they’re usually flirting with their date.

In miniature golf if you win that usually means you got the ball into the clown’s mouth, and you won a free game. In golf when you win your buddies owe you money.


Sarah Elaine said...

Very cute!

Granny said...

I like that. Sounds like you're a miniature golf fan. I'd like to take the girls but I think the closest one is between Turlock and Modesto. Anything up your way that might be closer?

(To any other commenters). Lady Jan and I are geographically close.

Granny said...

Down your way - I turned the map upside down just now.

Janice said...

Hi Sarah,

Thank you!

Hi Ann,

I've played miniature golf a few times. We use to have a miniature golf course in Madera and we took my daughter and a couple of her friends, when she was five. But they have closed since then.

About the only place that I know of is Blackbeards in Fresno, and I think they have a couple of other places in Fresno too.

Yeah we're something like 30 miles apart.