Monday, April 17, 2006

Lady Jan asks Have you had just one of those morning?

Have you ever had one of those morning when everything seemed to go right--only it was wrong? I guess it was kinda like a Charley Brown moment, where he is running at the ball and Lucy yanks it away just at the last possible moment. I kinda felt a little like that.

This is what happened:
My husband and I only have the one car so we share, and I got up at 4:00 in the morning. Well okay, it was more like 4:30 to warm up the car so I could take my husband to work. He has to be there well before 5:00, luckily we live just a couple of miles away. I got dressed, warmed up the car got the dog out to do her thing, and then stared owlishly at the floor trying to stay awake till he was ready to go. The drive was uneventful, there is hardly any traffic that early, then back home and I reset the alarm for 7:00 so I could get up and do it all over again with my daughter this time.

So the alarm went off after I got maybe 45 minutes of sleep, and I turned on my daughters light in her room. If that doesn't work it "honey it's time to wake up now." over and over again. And yeah I get louder! And it was one of those morning trying to get her to wake-up and get ready for school. After 20 minutes of this she is finally up and trying to find something to wear, and I'm letting her. At almost fifteen I don't ever try to dress her anymore because she really resents it, or I get the eye roll, "Oh mom no one wears that anymore."
Me "then why is it still in your closet?"
Her, "because you bought it for me--remember?"
Me, "Oh, well get dressed then--fast, because it's later than you think!"

She was ready by 7:35, make her own breakfast of cup of noodles. It's hard for me to find something she'll eat because she hates just about all breakfast food exempt bacon. And she wont touch an egg to save her life. It's not that she thinks egg of themselves are icky, it's because we have had a very small flock of chickens and she know where the eggs come out of.

8:05 she was in the car most of her breakfast eaten, teeth brushed, make-up on(she's a teen) and warm weather clothes on including jacket all on--check, and make-up homework in back back--check. Off we go them.

I got to the school and. . . .???

Where is everybody?

No cars, no buses, no kids.

Then we looked at the welcome to Howard school sign, Easter vacation is the 10th through. . . the 17th?

Oops. . . . !

So my daughter asked delightedly, "So can we go home and go back to sleep?"

"Um yeah", I say bleary eyed "that sounds like an excellent idea."

So we did, and at noon we got up got dressed again (for me it was for the third time that day) and we went and had lunch at McyD's.


Granny said...

So you have two weeks to our one?

We had the extra week in February for the two Presidents. I'd rather have the extra week now with possibly good weather.

You poor thing. Hope you got some more sleep.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

No just a week and a day, and that day was well. . .today!

I hope you enjoy your girls off on there week, and I hope Ray is better soon.

Thanks I'm gonna try.

Your Lady Jan~

Merle said...

Hi Janice ~~ I am so sorry you have lost too many to cancer. I had breast cancer and a mastectomy 27 years ago, so have
been very lucky. Glad you liked the poem. Cheers, Merle/

madcapmum said...

Up and down, up and down!

Well, at least she didn't snarl at you for getting her up by "mistake".

ipodmomma said...

great story! and you got lunch out too.. very nice!

pissed off patricia said...

Okay, a couple of positive points.

Because you were up real early and took the dog out, no chance of the dog having an accident in the house.
Also, you and the daughter got the reward of a couple more hours of good sleep and lunch out.

Poor old Charlie Brown would love that much good luck in one morning. :)

Janice said...

Hi Merle,

Yeah, you are lucky and blessed to be here still to share your possitive story. I did loose too many my dad included to cancer. That was a nice poem, and thank you for shring it.

Hi Madcap,

Yeah, in and out of bed all morning long. No she didn't snarl she just looked on the bright side, and at that moment it was back to bed. He he.

Hi Ipodmomma,

Yeah, on the bright side I did get one more day with my daughter home. Well after I woke up anyway, and lunch out, and I do like spending time with my daughter.

Hi Patricia,

Welcome to my home!

Poor old Charley Brown had a lot more bad luck than I have, but I did have his kind of morning.

The nap and the lunch out with my daughtr was really nice though!

Your Lady Jan~