Friday, December 30, 2005

Lady Jan says my Christmas was a bust!

I'm sick with a cold and no one wants to come near me!


I was sick for my anniversary, and then I was sick for Christmas too!

My sister mailed my Christmas present to me (a basket full of goodies), so I mailed her present to her too.

My parents came by and honked, because the wouldn't come in because they were afraid they'd catch it too. Which made me feel like a leper. So my husband and my daughter loaded up their car with the present we had for them, plus our present for my step-brother and his family plus a rum cake. And my mom gave us money, which endearing as that it made me feel like a little kid as well as a leper.

Then my Uncle who we were going to go see right after Christmas canceled on us because of my cold too. Then me came by my mom's unannounced and dropped off our gifts, so I had to mail his gifts to him yesterday.

My husband gave me a gold chain necklace, and my daughter gave me a costume jewelry pin. We bought our daughter the computer game Madagastgar, and she already has the movie and the music cd. And the Pink Panther cartoon too. My husband bought his own gift like he does every year, because he the only one that can please himself! And he got himself a laser blade leveler/bevel guide for his circler saw. Which to tell you the truth I'd never have thought to give him that.

The only thing that made it seem like Christmas, was the old movie with Bing Crosby, and Danny Kay 'White Christmas' was on TV. Watching that movie then I was happy.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas!

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