Friday, December 30, 2005

Lady Jan's anniversary

My 26th anniversary was last week on December 21.

And I was sick! Darn it!

So I couldn't go out to dinner to celebrate, so my husband got take-out. He brought home Dicicco's calazoni which I just love and hadn't had for a while, so we at least had a special treat on our day.

My Wedding story

In 1979 the year we got married, I was deperately looking for some place to get married.

I had always assumed that I would have my own church to get married in, but was astonished that we were having to meet in a BASKETBALL COURT???

You see our church had sold our old church building, in attempt to gather enough money to build the new church building. They where attempting to building on land in a better area, that someone had donated for that use.

The couple that bought our old building and were going to use it as a day care center, immediantly separated and started divorce proceedings.

Which stopped the building project, because it stopped the money flow. And we couldn't get our building back, because of the divorce proceeding froze all the assets!

Which greatly inconvenienced me!

My dad suggested we get married in the same place we were meeting for church. And I said, "But dad! I can't get married in a BASKETBALL COURT!"

I kept picturing the wedding party all lined up on the goal lines, and I would be stand under the hoop in my white dress and veil. Then at the end of the ceremony, when I kiss my new husband the buzzer would sound and a point would be given to the home teem. Then I'd move forward and toss the bouquet through the hoop, and the girls would all dive for it.

Um, no.

Then my Aunt Regina suggested we get married at the recreation room / club house where she was manager and my Uncle Arnold was asstant manager.

And we did and it was really nice too.

But it rained that day really hard, at least it held off till I toss my bouquet over my car to the waiting girls on the other side. Then a crash and doom of thunder and it started to pour.

How's that for timing?

Then a gust of wind took the bouquet out of the reach of the girls, and it landed splat! In the road. And my maid of honor (Sarah Pittman) who was on the other side, ran around behind all the girls and grabbed it up before anyone could react.

I'm not sure but I think she might still have it.

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