Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Lady Jan rants on about foggy day sequels and school buses

I don't get it!

Yesterday was the worst foggy day this year, and they canceled all the morning buses for Madera. Then Fresno cancels school for the day because of the pea soup fog.

Then today it's the same fogginess, 24th of a mile and no foggy day sequel, no bus cancellation. Nothing! Just get on the bus and forget it's foggy kids, just ignore all that gray fluffy stuff outside the bus windows-It's not there!

I don't know why I even care, as I drive my Daughter to school. I just have a beef with the buses in general, and we have bad blood between us.

I mean real bad blood. I think the bus shack is run by a bunch of idiots, and they think I'm a bitch!

It all started with my daughter getting spat on, on the bus. And not by one boy either! By all of them! Well exempt two who tried to protect her from the boys, by covering her head with their coats. I thought that should be the bus drivers job, and they thought "boys will be boys." Huh? I took her off the bus for a while, "after the spitting incident".

Next time I put her on the bus, it was when I thought that my daughter shouldn't be on the bus for three hours coming home from school. My goodness we are all of five minutes down the road from the school. Apparently the bus drive went and started dropping off kids in the opposite direction, and she had to sit there in the bus seat for that long as that, because she was dropped off last. And that was fine? How is that fine?

Couple years later I was gonna put her back on the bus again, and they thought that at eight years old she could walk a quarter of a mile at six in the morning, and cross a busy country road where everyone drives 100 miles an hour. And there is no side walk! Just broken pavement, and great big clumps of dirt. And did I mention the semi trucks that fly by dragging dirt and rock in their wake?

I tried to get them to pick up my daughter at our mail box where she use to be picked-up, and I was told that never happened! Then the woman yelled at me and slammed a receiver in my ear! Gees! I was talking in a normal voice, and all I just wanted to know was why? Can't she stand to be questioned?

My husband called the bus shack to complain about how I was treated, and the director apologized. And someone was going to call us later and we'd work something out. Guess what? Nobody called!

So anyway I drive my daughter to school, foggy days or no.

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