Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year from Lady Jan

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Last night my husband pooped out on us and went to bed really early. Which left my daughter and I to ring in the New Year.

So Sarah and I watch the count down for New Years, and went outside with our poppers that we had bought, and popped them. And we scared three cats, which is funny since we only have two.

One of the farms out further than we are, shot off some bottled rockets so we watched that for a while then went to bed.

I pounced on my sleeping husband and shook him awake just to get my New Years kiss, but he didn't mind.


What's your New Years resolution?

Did you know that the all time number one resolution is to loose weight?

If that is yours too, please keep to a reasonable goal. If you set your goal too high--it's just too easy to quit.

But what's nice is that the stores and gyms know all about resolutions and mark down exercise equipment and gym membership to take advantage of that fact. But you can take advantage of the good sales too, so shop around!

My resolution is to get healthier; eat healthier, and get a little more exercise. So I'm practicing what I preach and I am trying to keep to a reasonable goal.

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