Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lady Jan says--this has been going on long enough!

This is the closest University to my home, and I was concerned when I heard about this:

News from the San Joaquin Valley
The Associated Press

(Updated Wednesday, January 25, 2006, 11:20 AM)

FRESNO, Calif. (AP) - A fraternity at California State University, Fresno, was banned from the school for five years following the death of a 19-year-old man at a Phi Gamma Delta party, university officials said.

The ban, effective as of the announcement Tuesday, prevents the fraternity from affiliating with the college, recruiting new members or receiving any school funding.

Phi Gamma Delta, also known as FIJI, was already on suspension for underage drinking violations when Danny Daniels Jr. was found dead Jan. 8 at the fraternity's off-campus house, said Carolyn Coon, executive director of student life.

An autopsy found that Daniels died of alcohol poisoning. No one was charged in his death.

The fraternity plans to appeal the university's ban, said Michael Licari, the group's graduate adviser.

Sadly this is nothing new!
As long as students have gone away to college--students have been getting drunk!
Away from mom and dad, and heady without their parental supervision, young people over indulge.
I'm not excusing this behavior, I'm just explaining.
Here's something interesting;

I found this wood cut in a old book about the Renaissance.

wood cut print
dated 1489
students of Heidelberg College
I think the over indulging student is getting robbed too.
The lament of the parents?
"I sent you to school to get smart! Not to get stupid!"
It's sad that this still happens, and especially when one of these young people dies.
This has been going on long enough! But how do we stop it?


Granny said...

Wasn't that a horrible thing? Chico State used to hold the "party" title but it looks like Fresno is trying to catch up.

Don't forget UC Merced. We're small yet but we may grow (hopefully without the drunken frat parties). Have you seen it yet? By night my girls say it looks like the Titanic.

Thanks for your concern about Ray and me. Still in dark - maybe by tomorrow, they'll know more. Doctor's in Modesto has a good reputation.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Thank you for your comment.

Yes it was a terrible thing, I agree.

I also found a refernce to somehting in the Merced college abouting the drinking, while was looking at the Fresno one.

My prayers are with you and Ray. I hope they find out soon what is wrong and can start the treatment soon.

Hang in there!

Your Lady Jan~

Sarah Elaine said...

I'm not sure we can stop it. As you pointed out, this has been going on for centuries.

What I do think we can do is to teach young people to think for themselves, stand up and be strong.

I lament about these things, too. And being both a student and instructor at a university, I see far more than I would like to.

Change it, though? Hhmmm.... sometimes I think the best you can do is set an example.

Janice said...

Hi Sarah,

I agree with teaching the students to be strong, and think for themselves, it's the followers that get themselves into trouble.

How to set the examble though?
I'm an adult and I do not drink, I try to talk to the young people I'm around on staying sober. I don't think I'm getting through though, as the pull toward drinking and parting is just so strong.

Your Lady Jan~

White Trasherati said...

Lady Jan, I'm both a grad student and an instructor at a fairly large university. I think what helps us is that so many of our students are older, working, commuter students. That has an influence on the ones who do live on campus, oddly enough, because they are friends with people who have access to social events off campus. Also, we've got a huge amount of cultural and religious diversity, with a large Muslim resident population, which drives down the "recreational drinking".

This situation in your area, and most universities, I agree, is tragic.

Janice said...

Hi W.T.

Thank you for weighing in on this issue.

It sounds like your saying that in your University at least, that this sort of thing isn't so out of control. If so I am glad!

Maybe with more returning students--the older ones with more maturity and nothing to prove, maybe they'll be a good influence on the younger students like in your area.

And I know that Muslim's don't drink--that's a plus too.

Let's hope all of the above help keep down the over-indulgent-drinking at the other colleges too.

Lady Jan~