Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thursday's thirteen; Discribing eye color

Today's thursdays thirteen I thought I'd list discription of eye color.

  1. Baby blues

  2. Teal; blue-green colored eyes

  3. Azure blue; sky blue.

  4. Sky blue; light blue.

  5. Periwinkle blue; purplish blue.

  6. Sea Green; light green eyes

  7. Iris; which is kind of a light purple.

  8. Ice blue; real light blue.

  9. Hazel; green changes to brown

  10. Moss; dark green

  11. Olive; greenish to brown

  12. Otter; dark brown.

  13. Mississippi; mud brown.

What color is your eyes?
How would you describe your eye color?


Cassandra said...

I've heard mine described as sage green. I guess because my eyes have flecks of gray in the green. :)

I love people with lavender eyes or cornflower blue or caramel brown. So very pretty.

This week T.K. did the T13 at our group blog, check it out:

Phoebe Jordan said...

Happy T13! This list is pretty cool and very informative because I've never eally thought about all the different eye colors people have. Hope to see you at my 7th edition about Charlaine Harris.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Mine are baby blue. I always loved Elizabeth Taylor's eye color--violet.

Savannah Chase said...

oh those are all very nice descriptions

Paige Tyler said...

Cool TT!


My TT is at

Janice said...

Hi Cassandra,

Your eyes sound pretty, I'm a green eyed girl too.

Hi Phoebe,

I write so I like to descibe eye color too.

Hi Jennifer,

Violet I think is the rarest of eye colors. My husband's girlfriend before me had that eye color. Mine are green.

Hi Savannah,

I'm glad you enjoyed the list.

Hi Paige,

Thank you.

BTW, I'm a green eyed gal.

Lady Jan~

Tempest Knight said...

It depends. Sometimes mine, which are brown, are described as dark chocolate, others as mud.

Janice said...

Hi Tempest,

My sister who has also (like you) has brown eyes says "(That)they're the perfect shade of Hersey's chocolate bar brown."

I always thought that was a interesting way to describe them.

Lady Jan~

Jeanette said...

Hi Janice good list mine are hazel green

Janice said...

Hi Jeanette,

That's a pretty eye color. Mine are a little more green than that.