Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A rant

I don't usually do these but I'm just not feeling well.

So here's my rant.

My allergies are going nuts.

There is a state of emergency for my state of California, because of all the wild fires that are all over.

And all that smoke has filled up the central valley where I happen to live. I have asthma too and the smoke is making my head and chest hurt.

Saturday I felt like I had a metal band around my head and a ten pound weight behind each eye.

My husband has new hours at work and some times he has to get up at four in the morning.

And he wakes me up.

Then if that's not enough my landlord shows up just as my husband is leaving for work at five am, and runs a noisy tractor that knocks and belches diesel fumes.

All that smell goes right into my bedroom window where I'm trying to go back to sleep---with a headache.

That's been going on for weeks now.

Then my husband gets it into his head that we need a new car now!

What's the rush?

I know our old car is old. I know it's a big car and uses a lot of gas and it knocks and sounds like it's falling apart.

But it's paid for.

He got an okay for the loan, and started looking for cars.

Is there anything more boring then looking at cars at a car lot?

I'm not feeling well. I'm not sleeping enough.

Okay maybe I could have acted better to the sales man that want to walk us all over hell and gone, just to look at the same car the other guy has.

But I'm tired and it's hot. It's was over a hundred this past weekend.

And then my husband finds it the perfect car.

But I want to think about it. Can we aford the payments? Hmm. "Can you give us till the morning to decide?"

He said, "Yes we could."

The next day my husband called the sales man four times and couldn't get him.

Then he finally got the manager. "Yes we still have it. Come on down and it's yours."

We have to drive to Fresno another town. Then when we get there "Nope sorry that one sold this morning."

And they're so damn happy when they said that too.

Yet I'm the one who is rude?

Hey, I kept my cool but I did storm out of there.

Now we have to start over.

I want to tell my husband you go look for another damn car and just tell me when it's over.


megz_mum said...

Hi Janice, I hope you get some sleep, and that things start looking up. Looking at cars, in the heat, with a headache just does not sound like a good time at all!

Merle said...

Dear Janice ~~ I am so sorry you haven't been well with the smoke from the fires and not sleeping well does
not help. UI hope the fires have been
controlled by now. Thanks for youur comments and like you I think they wrote that AAADD about me too.
Glad you and Sarah liked the Aussie Love Poem. Hi Sarah. Take care, my friend and hope you are soon better.
Love, Merle.

Janice said...

Hi Mum,

Thank you, and no it was no fun at all.

I did sleep all this morning though, so I am feeling a bit better today.

Hi Merle,

Thanks but they fires are so bad our firemen are having to let some of the fire just burn. It's awful.

The good new is we got just a bit of wind and it blew some of the smoke away. SO I'm a bit better.

I pass along the hello to my daughter, she's at a friend's house right now.

I loved the peom and all your jokes.

Take care everyone,
Lady Jan~