Monday, July 21, 2008

Dentist Appointment

I'm still a little shaky inside.

I just went to the dentist today, and instead of the usual you hardly have any tartar and see you next year. I hear, "doctor can you check such and such tooth and this one too?"

Then it was "there's a crack on your upper back molar and it's black which is a sign of decay. I'm sorry but you'll need a crown on this one and a filling on the one directly over from it too."


I already knew about the crack, but thought I could dodge it for another year. BTW, I do take excellent care of my teeth, this was from an old filling from like grade school.

You see boys and girls if you don't brush your teeth when your young then you get cavities, and then you get really big fillings in your teeth. And then when your old like me your teeth break around your fillings, and you have to have a crown. And believe me you don't want that do that. SO take it from me, brush your teeth!

I hate needles, and the thing I really hate the most is having a tooth drilled on.

And the absolute worst is having an upper tooth drilled. My head rattles, my vision blurs and I get a horrible headache. Not to mention a shot sight reaction too.

Crap, and another bill!

We just bought a car, and I splurged and bought my daughter, who's birthday is this Saturday, a new lap top for school. And now on top of that another bill.

At least I made arrangements to make payments. I do have insurance but it a cleaning, six x-rays that they took today, a crown, and a filling. That kind of test the insurance right there. But at least it covers 80% and that's wonderful because all that was probable over a thousand dollars.



Granny said...

Ouch!! Both to the pain and the money.

Gwen said...

Hi just popped in to say hi,
dont envy your visit to the Dentist
I have never like those visits
Hope all is well with you and yours
Stay Well

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Long time no see.

Yeah, I an not looking forward to the next visit. I set it up for some time next month. Until then my knees are knocking.

Hi Gwen,

Everythings fine except the dentist vist. I'm calming down a bit, but dang I sure didn't need this now.

Take care everyone,
Lady Jan~

megz_mum said...

Good luck with the crown - any dental work is frightening to me, but better than having the tooth pulled out!

Janice said...

Hi Mum,

Yes, your right of course, but tell that to my knees they're still knocking.

Lady Jan~