Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thurday's Thirteen

Hi today's thirteen is banners.
I have upset someone who I didn't mean to hurt by borrowing her banner.
I have since apologized and erased her banner.
SO to make amends I turn over a new leaf and here are thirteen banners for all us T.T.ers to share.
You may take one of all of them.
Just copy and paste like it was a picture using the right click button on your mouse.



Create your own banner at!


Create your own banner at!


Banner Maker


Banner Maker


Banner Maker


Banner Maker


Banner Maker

9. - Banner Maker - Banners - MySpace Layouts

10. 11.


Ms Menozzi said...

What a sweet idea! I'm sufficiently inspired to make a few of my own - but I don't have the time! Waaah!

You're very generous, though, dishing them out like that. :)

Happy (belated) TT!


megz_mum said...

Nice banners! I haven't done Thursday thirteen, but if I do, I will happily borrow one of your nice ones!

Janice said...

Hi Ms. Menozzi,

I'm glad your inspired and I have to admite it did take me a few days to get these together.

If you don't have time to make your own please take one of mine, after all that's why I made them.

Hi Mum,

Please help yourself, your more than welcome to.

Gee, I feel like a hostess at a party. Hors d'oeuvres anyone?

Lady Jan~

Cinderelen said...

Hello =)
Well, my favourite one is the 5th. It is the nicest colour :D plus the letters are amazing..


Janice said...

Hi Cinderelen,

Yes that one is very nice, and I like it too.

Lady Jan~