Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lady Jan's Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday, and for those keeping tabs I'm now 46 years old.

I'm a big girl now, on second thought forget I said that.

My day started like anyother I got up at six to take my husband and then my daughter to work and school. But I kept looking for Mitzi.

I forgot she not there anymore, and she doesn't need to let out, but I can't help it I keep wanting to check on her. I guess 20 years to take care of a dog you get into certain habits. But I miss her too.

Later in the day I went to pick up my daughter at school and the serpentine fan broke on my car.

Rattle, rattle, rattle.

Slap, slap, slap.



And then the smell of burning rubber and the steering got hard, and I thought please God just let me make it to the school parking lot.

I did but I had one hard right hand turn, and then one really difficult left hand turn, and finally I could just drive straight and park my car.

I called my parents on my cell phone thank God they were home and could help me. Then they came and got my daughter and myself then we picked up my husband.

My husband check on the belt, and I was right that was the problem. "See I told you," I told him, and "all this just had to happen right on my birthday didn't it?"

I thought if we can just get it fixed right away and cheaply, that will be present enough for me.

Thank fully my husband with surprisingly enough my daughter's help was able to fix it. My husband was having a hard time getting the darn belt on, while I held up the hood. So my daughter rolled up her sleeves actually got the belt on correctly.

I thanked my parents and gave my step-dad a big hug was coming to our rescue yet again, then we celebrated by going home and taking turns in the shower and getting the grease off ourselves.

I kid.

Actually we did that then we went to IHOP for my birthday dinner.

I had a chicken sandwich that had grilled veggies in it, and I asked for half onion ring and half french fries. And I was told that they normally don't do that but since it was a slow night they could.

Yea, me!

And it was yummy too!

At least one thing worked out on that day.


grannyfiddler said...

a belated happy birthday to you, Lady Jan. all's well that ends well, right? it's too bad we can't pass a cosmic law that those annoying little breakdowns and their ilk can't happen on special occasions. sometimes it seems that the whole world is conspiring against us on those days. Happy 46, kid! i'm convinced life just gets better and better after 40.

Lee said...

Happy Birthday, Janice! I'm glad it all turned out well for you in the end. And now you've made me hungry!;)

Gwen said...

Hi Jan.
Happy belated birthday.glad you got on ok with your car.

Merle said...

Dear Janice ~~ A belated Happy Birthday to you. I hope things have been better since and the car is OK. Good on your husband, AND your daughter. At least your meal looked
nice and it is great that your parents are there when you need them. I am so very sorry about the loss of Mitzi after such a long life. No wonder you miss her so much. Thanks for your comments and glad you enjoyed the Birth Order I posted.Take care, Love, Merle.

Jeanette said...

Hi Janice Belated happy birthday
Hope your cars going fine now

Granny said...

I had your birthday on a reminder calendar and still missed it.

Belated happy birthday. Sure glad it was just the belt.

Janice said...

Hi G.F.,

I think your right about the conspiracy theory, it's either life, or the world, or maybe it's the cosmos that seems to be out to get me at times.

I too think life begans again at 40, and someone wrote a book by that title. Too bad I didn't think of it first! ;)

Hi Gwen,

Thank you.
Well, you'd have to define the word, okay? It runs, and right now that's as good as I can hope for.

Hi Merle,

Thank you.

I was surprised that my daughter got right in there and rolled up her sleves and got the job done. My husband was upset that he couldn't do it, but he was so proud of our daughter and so was I.

It was a good meal, thank you.
And yes we still miss Mitzi, and I guess I will too for a while.

Keep up with the good jokes.

Hi Jeanette,

Thank you, and the car is at least running.

Hi Ann,

Don't give it another thought, you had other things on your mind at the time.

Thank you, and me too.

Thank you everyone for wishing me a happy birthday. I tend to keep my tounge very firmly in my cheek on such occations anymore, and the day at least ended well.

Your lady Jan~