Saturday, November 19, 2005

Lady Jan went to see the latest Harry Potter Movie!

My family and I went to see the latest Harry Potter Movie 'the Goblet of Fire'.

This one is darker than all the others, and has more suspence, and more dare I say action?

My 14 year old daughter reaction to the movie. . . .Awesome!

But I would suggest finding a baby sitter for the little ones, and hede well the PG 13 rating, as it is rated that way for a reason. The move is very intense, way too intense for the small ones.

There was a child of around five (more or less) who not only couldn't follow the action, but loudly kept asking what, why, and how-come through the entire move which was anoying enough as it was. Then came the intense scene with a really realistic CGI dragon, and he started to freak-out, screaming and crying. I'm sorry to say this but. . .that really put my teeth on edge. I don't know how his mother calmed him down, but I think she took him outside.

I rather not say anymore because I do not wish to spoil the plot, but I would like to give a warning to the parents reading this--someone dies in this film and it r-e-a-l-l-y sad. I cried. If you don't think your kids can handle that. . . please don't take them.

Other than that--go! It's a blast!

And it's very awesome too!

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