Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Lady Jan Has Nightmares

I have been having the absolutely the worst nightmares, that I think I have ever had!

I think they have something to do with the stanky bugs and the mice, that we have been having a problem with in the house. The nightmares got worse just before Halloween which is creepy enough, and then the bugs and the mice seemed to thin out, and the nightmares sorta went away.

One nightmare seemed so real--it was of my husband dying. And what was worse was that I kept waking up, and then would go to sleep just to dream the dream again!

My dream went like this:
My husband works as a maintaince mechanic, and during this past crush season he was the night foreman. While he was at work he picked up a thick electrical cable called a coaxial cable, he made a noise like "Err. . .Err. . .Waa", then his head tilted back and to the side and he fell. I woke up sweaty and sick. Thinking 'Oh, God' he got electrocuted! After a trip to the bathroom I tried to go back to sleep, and then dreamed it again! Then again, and again! Then I dreamed of his co-workers dropping everything and running to him (I know most of them and it wasn't hard to see them clearly). It was so awful, that I didn't get a lot of sleep that night. I told my husband about the dream, I also told him sometimes my dreams come true, so you just be extra careful about the electrical cables at work!

He's okay, the crush season ended and he's fine, but I'm a wreck!

Then I had a dream about my sister and her live-in-boyfriend, (or life partner?):

They went over a cliff at the coast near where they live, and died. I had to go to there and pick-up my nephew, and tell the hospital people what I wanted done with the bodies. But this dream didn't have the same urgency as the first dream, and my sister wouldn't want to be where I was going to sent them, which was right here in Madera. And my nephew is a grown man now, and wouldn't need to be picked-up. Also my sister's boyfriend has family, and they would have claimed his body before I even got there, because they live so much closer to them than I do.

With so many inconsistencies it wasn't one of my 'true dreams', and I knew that right away.

But never-the-less it shook me up a great deal.

I had other nightmare, but I only remember bits and pieces of them.

The latest creepy thing was late one night, a few nights ago I heard something behind my book case. When I checked with a flash light I didn't see anything but I did notice some dirt, where there shouldn't be dirt! Oh, God! I thought, they chewed through the wall! Rats or mice--just what I need! My husband and I are gonna have move the books then the book case, and check behind it.

I just hope this latest thing doesn't trigger anymore nightmares!

At least my husband is done with the crush season and is home at night now, so now once again I have someone to sleep next to--that'll help.

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