Saturday, November 12, 2005

Lady Jan went to the Kearney Park Renaissance Fair today

We Had a pretty good time this year at the Kearney Ren-fair. The fair runs the second weekend every November, this year it's the 12th & 13th.
We were able to take one of my daughter's friends with us, and she had never been before. And it's always fun showning someone a ren-fair for the first time!

We saw what I want to call the bird rescuers, with hawks and owls. And we meet a barbarian, and her pet. Notice the leash? She actually offered to let me hold the leash, and I thought then what? So I'm really suppose to give him back? Are you kidding? I don't know if I could give back--a man trained to the leash! But I don't think my husband would let me keep him anyway. Aw, too bad he was kinda cute.

I'm the one in the green snood and chamise, and my hudband David is in the middle, and our daughter Sarah is on the left. My husband is squinting because he took off his glasses for the photo then couldn't see.

We saw knights and just missed the joust, darn the luck! But we did get to see the jugglers, sorry no photos we were eating our lunch right then.

My husband David likes to collect sword at almost every fair we go to, but hadn't gotten a proper belt for his sword. But today he was able to get himself a sword belt, and the man who sold it to him fitted the belt to his scabbard. He's so happy now!


tina said...

Great photos, Jan! Green is a wonderful color on you.

Alice said...

Great photos! I'm very impressed with your costumes - they must take a lot of work! I'm far too lazy for such thing!!

Janice said...

Hi Tina,

Thank you so much! That's so sweet!

Want to know a secret? Blue us actually my favorite color, but I wear green and burgandy a lot because I get a lot of complaments on how I look.

Hi Alice,

Thank you, thank you!

I have made our costumes completely from scratch in the past but not this time.

this time it was just my husbands pants and my under skirt as well as my daughters bodise, but the rest I either won the bid on e-bay or got at an earlier Ren-fair.

So I didn't knock myself out too much!

Later your lady Jan~

xx_chaineddown_xx said...

hey jan, what's up? ish me Emily but shhhh!! don't tewll any one plwezz. hope you and Saar are doing ok tell everybody i said hi and that i miss them by da way.. look me up some time if you feel like it well alrighty talk to you later buh bye

xx_chaineddown_xx said...

ahh grr Jan how do you get a picture up on this thingy pray tell? just wondering ^-^ i'm such a lil weirdo but thats ok :D talk to you later buh bye

Janice said...

Hi Emily,

I've been waiting for you girl friend! I'm glad you finaly found my blog. I had been looking for yours for the last three days but couldn't find it.

If you want to place a photo on your own blog you'll have to get a program for it. Blogger has availble for free two programs that work together 'Hello' and 'Pascal'. Pascal is for down loading, and Hello is for loading photos into your blog using it's blogger bot ability.

I hope that helps.

Later, Your Lady Jan