Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thursday's Thirteen: the colors of Fall

Thirteen colors of Fall.
1. Grass-Green.
2. Light green of faded sycamore leaves.
3. Olive green of dry leaves.
4. Red of maple leaves.

5. Gold of a fully mature Sunflower just ready to pick.
6. Burgundy of mock cherry leaves.
7. Light Brown of baked earth after the harvest.
8. Dark brown of the earth when the first rains come.
9. Tan of dried corn husks.
10. Dried Wheat Yellow.
11. Pumpkin-Orange.
12. Deep Orange-red of fall decorations.
13. With October just around the corner what is fall without Halloween-black?


Ella Drake said...

I love the colors of fall. The ranges of colors from red to orange to yellow is especially striking on the maple trees all over New England.
Great post!

Ms Menozzi said...

Autumn is the start of my favorite time of year - and always has been. The only downside when I was a kid was that we'd have to go to school!

I love the cool weather and the colors, and the long, lazy nights ahead.

Aaahhhhh... Bliss!

Happy TT!
Ciao for now!

Adelle Laudan said...

I love fall and the colors are breathtaking. Imaging riding a motorcycle down a country road, under a canopy of fall colors. Takes my breath away. Happy T13!

Cassandra said...

Fall is totally my favorite season, mainly because of all the glorious colors! Awesome post, sugar.

My own T13 is up over at the MMC blog:

Alice Audrey said...

Isn't it funny how most of us don't think of green as a Fall color, but there is plenty of it?

Paige Tyler said...

Cool TT and some beautiful colors!


Flicka Holt said...

I would add bright azure. The sky is never as blue as in September and October!

Janice said...

Hi Ella,

I bet its very pretty where you live. We get some colors but not that many.

Hi Ms. Menozzi,

Ah yes, I love it too and the much appricated cooler weather. I did like it either when I was the child and for the same reason *wink*

Hi Adelle,

That does sound like a nice drive. I haven't been on a motorcycle in years though.

Hi Cassandra,

I like it too. Thank you.

Hi Alice,

Yes there sure is.

Hi Paige,

Thank you.

Hi FLicka,

Well in my neck of the woods it still a light blue, but when the rains finally come and clean the air it can be a very pretty azure. Then we get the fog and can't see the sky at all. Winter blech.

Thank you to all who posted and happy TT.